OUE Bayfront Bus-Stop

8 May 2021 – Esplanade Bus-Stop

Wed: to friends&ppl in Mexico, prayers&thoughts are out to those who are effected by railway bridge collapses, no way to celebrate CincoDeMayo, but they do not celebrate that in Mexico!  Karin&Guillermo, pray that all their family&friends are safe there, but they are now in the US where they do celebrate CincoDeMayo!!


Thu: SGH appointments are not always that boring&dreaded if moods&physically conditions are up to taking the mind off the health issues to focus on the surroundings. If I take bus36, will change to bus75@StopID:02061-Esplanade where I have good views of the Flyer and StamfordRd ahead.

And if taking bus196, will change to bus75@StopID:03019OUE Bayfront, another stop tastefully designed to fit in to the surroundings.

Not only Dale Chihuly’s PaintBrush Tower (not sure this will be a new permanent feature added here or just temporary?) can be seen within a mins walk from this bus stop recently – a stop I would sometimes choose to change at for the CBD scenes. Also a bus stop where I can enjoy wandering just within a few steps to check out the arts&surroundings to see what is new.

Pembungaan=Blossoming in Malay, bronze mural (2011) by KumariNahappan. Rodin (1840-1917) The Thinker (1902) is where I think, therefore I am!

TóngLè’sPrivateDining – revolving restaurant with views serving traditional Chinese fare at OUE-Tower. AscottRafflesPlace – luxury serviced apartments.

Bus75 stops@StopID:06011 on OutramRd where the FOCshuttle (good regular service) there will take me into the hospital grounds. The stop&it’s surroundings now are under much construction at present, but do look forward to when this is completed.

It ought to be plain how little you gain by getting excited and vexed. You’ll always be late for the previous train/bus and always on time for the next – Piet Hein.

Fri: tkx to Clem for downloading: My FatherHopkins’s brilliant portrayal of dementia father where it ends with him saying that he is losing his leaves! Sad&depressing, but the reality of life for caregivers with dementia relatives&patients.

This film received 6 nominations in total including the 93rd AcademyAwards, he won Best Actor; Zeller&Hampton won Best Adapted Screenplay.

Actor merges with character in a performance that’s astonishing and inspiring in equal measure – Joe Morgenstern

Sat: tkx to Daisy for a lovely family steamboat dinner to celebrate Darryl’s completing his NS. Proud of this young handsome grand-nephew who will be starting with an internship here in SIN and then when situation improves, will continue his further studies in Sydney/Australia.

Abundance of yummy food, typical of the LAM family where food is concerned! My contribution, a cake (for all the celebrations in May, including tomorrow’s Mother’s Day!) was hoping to get one@The BakeryChef, unfortunately it was closed, this one from a bakery by NTUC@BukitMerahCentral.

From Garry5May: Trip around the block #10. I wrote a post on Anzac Day while off-line with an assurance from Mr FB that it would be posted when I was next online. Did not happen and it has wafted into the either. Mine you, I have been out of range for 10 days.. So a few catch up pics.

Was getting concerned without any of his DownUnderOutBack pix or words for so many days, and the 1st pix he sent me was this map-drinkcoaster after 10-MIA-days! Heading north from Alice its impossible to miss these statues of an Aboriginal woman and child, and the man on the hill.

Devils Marbles – Much of this area is of cultural significance, especially to Aboriginal women and photos are not allowed. These pics are from the areas allowed to pe photographed.

Every roadhouse has a claim to something

Daly Waters pub ready for a big Anzac Day

Many petrol stops now have these above ground shi]ing container-like petrol storage

What else do you do with a crashed helicopter? And now the road east toward the gulf.