New COVID-19 Measures/16May2021

16 May 2021: AT TrailDays/Damascus, VA/USA

Thu: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all celebrating&marking the day, a public holiday in SIN. May PEACE be upon all in these difficult&turbulence times. For those who are not aware, the festival of Eid/Hari Raya Aidilfitri falls on the first day of Syawal, 10th month of the Hijrah/Islamic calendar. It is a celebratory occasion following the fasting month of Ramadan. HariRaya is Malay for big/grand day of rejoicing. For me its the all the yummy food – hahaha

Appreciations for yet another yummy dinner of YauMeiFan 有味饭=flavourful rice in Cantonese. Am impressed with my young grandnephew, Darryl who made this dinner. Niece Daisy did well with bringing him up.

My contribution, another cake from the same location as the last one, but this time round, a chocolate cake which was misleading being covered with white cream and a cute unicorn, now in my kitchen for good luck – lol

Fri: on bus196 passing by MountbattenRd, glad to see that this house and the name given by me to this house is BigFoot which has recently been repainted since my last shot!  App@SGH and tkx for another yummy steak dinner@Theresa&ChengJun, my contribution, Norwegain smoked salmon on cream-cheese with chives on sweet-peas&mini blinis garnished with lemons – an early 17May celebration for me.

Sat: an early walk&breakfast@my favourite CheeCheongFun with Calvin&Helen was done before the sky opened up. Appreciations for breakfast&pix credits to Helen. One more get-together of more than 2ppl before the tighter measures kick in tomorrow!

Appreciations for last night’s yummy home-made dinner with delicious fresh fish hooked by bro Leslie on his fishing-trip. Who knows when we will be able to get together again with more than 2guests in a household?? Tkx to MeiPin for driving.
Another lovely evening in the gazebo where the smoke of cigars brought back much fond memories of my father.
Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime – Confucius
Sun: Oh how I miss all my AT hiking buddies this 2021AT-TrailDays Thanks to Karen/Wiggs for her share of the 2above pix.
2018 was the last one attended and it was Bear’s final TrailDays, may he RIP. Hopefully I will still have more TrailDays ahead!
A day to gather my thoughts to deal with health issues before a new week ahead with new measures under tighter restrictions to observe. Social gatherings capped at 2ppl, no dining in, so only take-aways from now! Pix downloaded.

From Garry13May: Trip around the block #12.. Seems most of my posts of the dry arid interior feature waterholes, waterfalls or crystal clear spring pools. Well, after two years of minimal rain, it rained plenty recently so we are able to enjoy unusual sights. Katherine to Darwin.
Katherine Gorge. After setting up camp a walk high on the escarpment reveals the gorge. And looking in the other direction.
Second Gorge. The most photographed but also most feared by local people because of the bad snake inhabitant. Aboriginal park rangers avoid even touching water in this gorge. Jedda’s Rock. Those of my vintage may remember the movie Jedda. First Aust movie made in color by Charles Duval, and first movie to feature Aboriginal actors in lead role. Jedda and her man’s relationship breached clan law. They took off. Both the white ‘owner’ and clan people chased them. They were cornered atop this rock. Young love. Watch the movie to find out what happened next!
Edith Falls between Katherine and Darwin. Florence falls in Litchfield. Well, half of Florence Falls
Sun setting from Darwin Sailing Club