Mountbatten Road

1 Mar 2018 – Bye-Bye Feb, Hello Mar 2018

Mon: have been following the changes of this interesting house (781 MountbattenRd) which many think is ugly or an eye-sore – beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What caught my eyes first were the feet sculpture a few years ago! Looks like BigFoot diving into a mini pool 🙂

In a garden of standing rocks with a statue, the feet are now covered by a tree from the sidewalk. Like the stained-glass window but not sure if I like the new eye-catching lime-green. Metal parasol by the pool matches quite well with the new add-on on both sides.

Interesting SIN architectural history, an attempt to conserve the old building while maximising the land use with new construction – a mish-mash of styles trying to fit in unsuccessfully. The colour would not be my choice and in my eyes it is neither beautiful nor ugly, but interesting enough to stir up comments&reactions!

Edited Sat8May2021: recently this house has created attention&comments, mainly not so positive regarding the colour&the newly added surroundings, but that is a matter of personal taste even when I too would agree with most of the comments! It has got me to sit on the upper level of bus 196 a few times over the years to capture some of the shots in this posting.  Pix credits to  FB friend for this recent before&after shot.

Sat15May2021: this is the latest shot, at least the colour is more pleasant for my eyes.

Also along Mountbatten and the junction of ClactonRd is this run-down house on a rather big site. Do wonder who owns it what will become of it?? but whatever happens, just pray and hope that the BanyanTree will stay.

No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly – Oscar Wilde

Tue: grocery day shopping@Giant for the week.

Wed: CC to pick up some gears and bought a dress@Arc’teryx. Had this same designed dress lay-away some years ago but forgot about it till I saw another one today. Chicken-rice lunch@Waterloo St.


Picked up grocery@Mustafa for Sat dinner and collected eTickets at Les clinic’s new relocation, FarrerPark Medical Centre – Connexion. Easier and more convenient to get there by public transport with FarrerPark MRTstation (ExitC) just around the corner. Congratulations and good luck to him&his staff in the new clinic. Prefer this new location better than MtE, more selections with foods, etc in Little India’s neighbourhood.


Thu: tucked away discreetly behind the 70yrs old traditional HuaBee in TiongBahru,


and inspired by a yakitori-ya (traditional small grilling stalls) in Osaka, Bincho is an all-in-one unique concept. Their grilled chicken gizzards were grilled to perfection, but the chicken soft-bone could be a little bit more tender – perhaps just me with my with my not so strong teeth.


IMG_2921All in all, a decent set-lunch for the price. Tasted a bite of everything from Clement’s lunch as I felt like the meepok from the outside stall. A cuppa+a fresh-baked croissant from TiongBahru Bakery before heading for the bus. Difficult to imagine that we are already into Mar – the past 2 months flew by and before I know, will need to close down the place and head on to Norway and USA!

5 Mar – Happy Bday Gel

6 Mar – Happy Bday Linda

9 Mar – Happy Bday Sue Lynn

11 Mar – Happy Bday Ken

14 Mar – Happy Bday Ellie

17 Mar – Happy Bday Pat Lynn and Beth, Happy St Patrick’s Day

18 Mar – Happy Bdays Linn, Yi Sheng & Al Sosa

19 Mar – Happy Bday Thomas Heggelund

21 Mar – Happy Anniversary to Ivy & Leslie

31 Mar – Happy Bday Josephine

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