Hello New Friend

30 Mar 2018 – Good Morning On This Good Friday

Wed: posting from a new FB friend – Amy is the first Friend I made online, via Facebook! I was in Norway posting away and Irene Hoe tagged her. She read the posts, commented and gave great travel ideas (she lived there). So grateful I came home and asked to meet. She’s turned out to be a like-minded person… full of life adventure fun wit. Thank you for being my friend, Amy SG Lam, online and offline!!!! It’s been such a pleasure!

Nice&refreshing to meet Jeffrey and the pleasure is all mine. Tkx for breakfast@Glory and for his kind words – pix credits to him. Grateful to Irene for tagging me to someone who enjoyed my other home in the Land of the Midnight Sun. It is such a privilege to be able to exchange&share info&experiences which are sincerely appreciated.

The Food Republic@I12 is closed – what will be there next? Do wonder how this mall survives?? The banks and GV seemed to be the only ones there since it opened.

Thu: amazing how organizing&filing a few months of paper-work for 1per can take up nearly a whole day! Can’t imagine what it would be like to have to do this for more than 1per. Thank goodness for a decent wholesome meal of rice, chicken-curry, veggies, coconut-juice+the tender flesh costing less than S$6 in my hood and is less than 5mins walk away.

29571134_10156130362202416_4938803385394839234_nEven more amazing considering that I paid S$5.90 for cup of ice kopi kosong ie, plain black coffee@Merci Marcel/Tiong Bahru just a week ago!

Tkx Lucy for this share and her comment on NasiLemak 🙂 The huge difference is for the ambience n possibly b in the company of the A listers in our society, not counting yourself of course – Lucy

Certainly will not be able to get such an affordable meal and a stone-throw walk from my 4-walls when back in Norway and the US next month!

Enjoying every moment as I will be away from here for 6+months.

Bought travel insurance with CHUBB to cover world-wide for a year, quite a decent price S$288 (20%discount for PosBank). RT airfare OSL-FCO-OSL S$274 on NorwegianAir; OW from FCO-BRI EU25 S$42 on RyanAir 1hr flight. Quite familiar with both these budget airlines considering that I have lived 10+yrs in Ireland and another 10+yrs in Norway and have flown on them.

IMG_3537Fri: TGIF and it is Good Fri today – must have been confused with all that paper-work from yesterday, thought it was Thu. Up dark and early at the wet-market and had my porridge breakfast.

After getting all the produce washed&put away, sat down for a cuppa+a perfect punnet of strawberries (S$3.95) when I heard on the radio – Good morning on this Good Fri… duh!!

Easter week is about betrayal@The Last Supper&Garden of Gethsemane – Kiss of Judas and Last Supper, c.1500 by Flemish School, (16th century). Good Fri, Crucifixion – Francesco Granacci (Francesco di Andrea di Marco) (Italian, Villamagna 1469–1543 Florence). The most holy week for Christians leading up to Easter Sun (Resurrection) – by Triptych/ca1510. Above images downloaded. Looking forward to be in Italy to see some paintings there.

Even my close friend, whom I trusted, he who shared my bread, has lifted up his heel against me – Psalm 41:9