iLight Marina Bay 2018

23 Mar 2018 – TGIF In The Twilight Zone!

Wed: officially it is the 1st day of Spring today, but looks like the Groundhog is still seeing its shadow in many countries. Pix credits to Carlo/Norway, Nancy/VA-USA and Carmel/Ireland (where I have lived for over a decade in every 3countries, which are also home to me), all taken in the past few days! Ppl in here, take care, stay warm and be safe. Hang in there – Spring is just around the corner!

6th iLight, a display of light features have been designed with energy-saving lighting or made from environmentally-friendly or recycled materials. Do enjoy these lights and will take time to admire them when possible. MilkBottleCows by BP Loh/SIN.

LightPlay by School of ArtDesign&Media, NTU/SIN, Passage by SergeMahen/Canada, TransistablePlastic by Luzinterruptus/Spain, DancingGrass by Yuree&SiyoungKim/S Korea. Only in SIN can you find cows grazing in the grass and going thru’ twilight-zone 🙂

Random pix of the permanent scene, not just part of the lights’ display.


Thu: SIN/Changi Airport has been voted the World’s Best Airport by air travellers at the 2018 World Airport Awards for the 6th consecutive year. I, for one like this airport as it is 20mins/.87cents bus-ride from my SIN-home! Pix of T4 from recent trip to HKG.

FB privacy breach is in the headlines today and some ppl are deleting their FB accounts, cousin Karen for one and will miss her when she finally gets her account deleted. To delete or not to delete – too much trouble, easier to remove Apps and post less!

A good one here for all the fuss with Big Data. My passport is in order for me to disappear off social-media if & when I choose to.

Dinner@SoupRestaurant/SuntecCityMall which has relocated but still in Suntec since my last visit. Yummy dark chocolate ice-cream@DarkGallery/MilleniaWalk – a paradise for chocolate ice-cream fans like myself! and one of the few locations still open at 2130hrs.

Stumbled onto some trendy chair designs displays in the open-space concept.

Fri: The Leisure Seeker****wanting to escape their grown children and doctors’ suffocating care, Ella and John go on a cross-country journey in their vintage camper, which they christen The Leisure Seeker. Their road trip takes them from Massachusetts to Key West, during which they recapture the passion that they have for life and their love for one another.

Enjoyed Helen Mirren & Donald Sutherland here who have much to say about old age with a powerful and sensible ending – a situation close to my choice as to how this life’s journey in my own TwilightZone should end!

Last stop on a long journey, as yet another human being returns to the vast nothingness that is the beginning and into the dust that is always the end – The Twilight Zone by Rod Serling