From The Baroque Mood

27 Mar 2018 – To The Durian Mood ūüôā¬†

Sat: the passing tropical rains were heavy in the early afternoon on the bus heading to TanjongPagar. Thank goodness they ceased by the time I had to get off and walk the short distance to TP Centre.

Leng was caught at SBG and could not attend but she had just as much fun listening to the rhythm of the falling rains – rain pix credits to her.

A pleasant Baroque afternoon listening to these young musicians (students of Christine Gan) performing Bach under interesting acoustic in the open. Poor cellist was sweating away, can’t imagine what it feels like for those boys in their smartly dressed suits!

Sim Keng Boon/piano, Lo Khin Marn/viola, Dale Henderson/cello. Lee Yan Chang/piano played the Arioso from Cantata BWV 156 and strangely enough that piece has been in my mind the past week before I knew that it is in the program.

Tkx to¬†Unni¬†for the memories of this pix from the 1970s Baroque evening performance by the Troms√łMusikkonservatoriet@Ishavskatedralen/TheArcticCathedral¬†with a harpsichord and under a much different acoustic. Music will always be a part of me, considering that I started playing the piano at 5, studied music and taught music…

Sun: enjoying Hollywood in Vienna concert on TV/Channel5 this morning. Such a lovely cheerful pick-me up way for me to start the day on this lazy drizzly Sun morning Рpix downloaded.

Brought lunch from BkMerahView to sis-in-law as she is not too mobile after a heart procedure and her fall. Late dinner@328KatongLaksa. Wanted durian for dessert, but they were sold out on EastCoastRd.

Walked to TanjongKatongRd and out of the 3stalls here, only 1 still had some.¬†Real SIN food – a bowl of SIN laksa&durian,¬†shiok (Slinglish term I use only for SIN food) thru’&thru’. This combination of the laksa spices+durian can be too potent for ppl with weaker stomach as I discovered the following day. Felt the rumbling stomach after the durian, so rushed home to drink plenty warm water to flush out the system and was OK. Clem¬†had upset stomach in the early morning hours and had to get meds for it.

Mon: no matter how strong a stomach, had to give it a rest today!

Tue: do not usually bother taking pix of rude ppl on the bus, but somehow today since I was sending a msg on the phone, decided to click this and the moment after doing so, she did put her feet down. Perhaps if we keep taking pix of such ppl, they might get embarrassed enough to put their feet down, or it is just wishful thinking from my side?? Well, at least one can choose to look the other way to the lovely bougainvillea blooms and the amazing sky than getting annoyed!

With HS&Richard Рgood to catch up with R who is here from Sydney visiting his mom (99). Tkx for yummy dim-sum lunch@ImperialTreasures/Ion. According to R and so true too, we have known each other since we were kids and are comfortable to be at ease to say what is really in our minds without feeling that the other will be offended or slighted. This always make an enjoyable get- together. A journey is best measured in friends Рnot in miles.

Lovely wet late afternoon and evening – tkx for dinner at Jo’s.