Live While There Is Life

25 Feb 2018 – Enjoying Every Moment&Movement

Thu: keeping company with Clement, the one-eye bandit ūüôā after his cataract surgery@Gleneagles. All these road constructions for new TEL MRT line can get anyone disorientated. MFA&SBG in the backgrounds behind these barricades.

Tkx to Les&Ivy for dinner@Paradise Teochew/ScottsSquare

with YewHuat&Angie, ChengJune&Theresa, Lee&Catherine+Alphonsus. Nice to catch up with everybody for yummy foods and fine wines.

Fri: the day started with a lovely visit from the Lundemos who are here from Norway for the CNY. Welcome to baby Aurora for her 1st trip to SIN. Big brothers Marcus&Victor enjoyed the playgrounds@MarineCove while Leng&Tore and I had fun catching up.

Tkx Zarina for dinner @Chinatown Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle, SIN Michelin hawker.

Glad that we had dinner there, just by looking at the lines into these eateries @ChinatownPoint. But thank goodness it was not too crowded to enjoy window shopping and the lights which are quite delightful, especially the street lights on SouthBridgeRd.

Pleasant surprise to bump into Ulrik and nice to meet his identical twin bro Robin and their father, Sture who is visiting SIN. Met Ulrik on the Nepal hike and now he is here visiting Robin who works in SIN. Will not be able to tell the difference if I bump into any of them separately.

A walk thru’ AngSiangHill to discover this festival@ThianHockKeng Temple and whatever festival that was going on the street. Wonderful to be surprised with all these – it sure is a big contrast with day and night with all these red lanterns lit.

Recommending MusicBox Museum to Zarina. Started to rain on the bus, hope that the Chingay Parade is not too affected by it. 12hrs on the go and still to prepare for a fruit-cocktail salad!

Sat: Happy Bday to Bj√łrn, father to #6. Was too tired to attend the morning CNY talk. Appreciations to Henry for belated Bdays for us both and CNY celebrations, enjoyable&delightful HighT@Intercon¬†with Rit&Nick’s music.¬† Relaxing and a lovely afternoon passed by quickly, or rather we had so much to catch up! Another bumping surprise, good the see the glamorous, Laura.

Continued on to celebrate this 9thCNY@Campers’ Corner for Calvin’s¬† surprised BdayBash.

A jolly-good time was had by all with yummy foods&wines. Tkx to Sam for arranging this and to Yoshie’s friends for the Hawaiian HulaAuana.

My usual contribution is the Fruit-Cocktail Salad requested by CC staff and management.


Sun: thank you to Peggy for gathering past&present employees&families+friends of Hagley&Hoyle on the 10th CNY day. Had a fun time catching up.

NORCongratulations to Norway for winning the most medals (14gold, 14silver, 11bronze=39total) for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, Korea. Am sooo happy for them and impressed by my fellow Norwegians.

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.

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  1. Thank you James! I cherish my blessings everyday. Hope that you are well and will be able to hike the AT, even just a section! Planning to be at Trail Days/VA to catch up w my hiker friends in May.

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