2nd Brother’s Branch – 2018

21 Feb 2018 – Lam KwokKiong (1935-2000)

Sat: 2ndCNY day – accompanied 4th sis-in-law PohKit to visit 2nd sis-in-law YokeSau. Tkx to nephewVince for driving and to nieceLeng for have us in her home. 1stCNY day is when 2nd bro and his branch gathers, thus unable to get pix for 2nd bro LAM KwokKiong’s branch. Pix credits to Leng.

Pix credits of nephews+family to nephews JenMum, JenWee and Steve.

Lam JenMun (1969)&Tan SiewKing (1956) –
Lam SuiChang (1989)

Lam JenLeng (1960)&Ang ChinSheng (1957) –
Ang KeeYang Michael (1989) and Ang KeeLing Michelle (1993)

Lam JenWee (1962)& Lee MuiHui Mayven (1963) –
Lam YiTing Vanessa (1995) and Lam YiLing Valerie (1997)

Steve Lam (1965)&Toh ChengHong (1966)
Lam YiYan Cindy (1995) and Lam YiSheng (1998)

Leng has decided that the next generation will be Brown and so it will be, also easy for me to remember, the new MRT line TEL (MarineTerrace will be my station on that line) is also brown and hopefully will complete their constructions for my life’s journey!!

A visit to bro Steven, tkx to Vince for driving.

Sun: Appreciations to nephew Clement&his banker friends May, Julie, Karen and Audrey for a lovely afternoon.

Lots of luck and profits to them for the Dog Year ahead – 遍地黃金 pin dei wong gam=opportunities everywhere to earn money.

View from the 9th floor.

Mon: staying in to rest – watching&enjoying the 129th RoseParade. Trader Joe’s on TV, most outstanding display of showmanship and entertainment and this was the only one that I managed to capture from the TV on my camera.

The others floats and marching bands were just as impressive bringing back memories from my first RoseParade in 1987, 31yrs ago!!

Tue: this cough has really been persistent, was hoping to kick or kill it before the CNY. Age really takes its toll as the immune-system&resistance are not working as it used to. A peaceful&quiet walk thru’ the HDBs under shelter except for 2short road crossings to the PolyClinic. After an X-ray to discover some lung infection and was prescribed with anti-B, such is life but that too shall pass.

Usual Tue grocery shopping@Giant/Parkway, and had a bite and a cuppa in the basement food-court. The first Lion-Dance for me on this 5thCNY day in an enclosed basement food-court.

The heart must have skipped some beats when the drum was at its loudest! Should carry ear-plugs with me until the CNY is over 🙂 Always enjoy this dance, but do prefer them to be outdoors.

Wed: welcome back to SIN and appreciations to Catherine&Lee’s friend for lunch@I12, CantonParadise.

Only by going alone in silence, without baggage, can one truly get into the heart of the wilderness. All other travel is mere dust and hotels and baggage and chatter – John Muir

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