CNY Cookies

8 Feb 2018 – And Golden Snoopy

Mon: consider today as the 1st family union as Yasmine will be flying off back to London in the weekend and will not be spending the CNY in SIN. Visited bro Steven@UnitedMedicareCentre with Jo&Joyce. The 196bus-ride took over an hour from the EastCoast area. Appreciations to Yas for her company.

Tkx to Yasmine for dim-sum lunch@CrystalJade Garden/HollandV.


A new addition to the area rushing to be ready to open its doors for the public by CNY. The colours match with the older building next to it, durian store across the road from these buildings was closed today.

Colourful wall-mural, rows of food-stalls and a dry-cleaner underground leading to the HollandV MRT. Tkx to Jo for dinner and for yummy durian, she must have read my thought about durian earlier ūüôā

Tue: Ivy wanted to do some shopping in the EastCoast area. Lunched@MarineCove’s HillStreetCoffeeShop –¬†she has not been and also to show her this part of the¬†EC Pk.

Me: I so do look forward to this time of the year…
StoreKeeper@KimChoo:¬†‘I don’t’ – and understandably so by looking at the work to produce these CNY cookies including salted-egg salmon-skin, tkx to Ivy. Kat can look forward to receiving her CNY package.

Since in the area, took her to get their favourite paus from SpecialiseHomemadePauDian@34CassiaCres. The family has been eating these paus for years and now finally she steps foot here to buy them personally!

Wed: Along With The Gods***JaHong, a¬†firefighter dies in the line of duty. In the afterlife, he is escorted by 3Angels of Death. JaHong has to go thru’ 7trials for over 49days to prove he was innocent in human life and only then would he be able to be reincarnated. Not sure why I chose to see this Korean movie?

Saddened to receive news of AnneMacFadden who lost her battle to cancer today.

Thu: @St Ignatius Church (tkx to Carmel for the ride) for Anne’s wake – condolences to Declan&family. Was at the chapel to just say a little prayer. Having lost my own mother to cancer when I was 15, could not help but think how devastating it must be for Declan&their 6children.

Tired to distract myself with some CNY window-shopping@Taka.

Being soon the year of the Dog, Snoopy is featured in 24K gold red-packet costing S$68! And then you still have to fill the red-packet!!

Lido@Orchard are the few cinemas with a McD and offers S$4senior ticket while the others charge $4.50 Р$5. Wonderstruck****story of a young boy in the Midwest is told simultaneously with a tale about a young girl in NY from 50yrs ago as they both seek the same mysterious connection Рa sweet, gentle tale of 2children connecting across time. Enjoyed it but could hear some sighs of boredom behind me.

Where choice begins, Paradise ends, innocence ends, for what is Paradise but the absence of any need to choose this action? – Arthur Miller