Hello August 2021

5 Aug 2021 – Singaporean-Irish-Norwegian-American Connections

Sun: welcome Aug2021 and delighted that the Chihuly exhibition will be extended until 3-Oct2021. Looking much forward to catching some night lights in Sep. The only night lights pix I have so far is the one not in the gardens, but outside by CliffordPier. Ethereal White Persians/in the gardens pix credits to niece May/Patricia.


Appreciations to PatLynn&family+Lee for lunch (food from Lionel), yummy homemade dessert, KuehSalat by PatLynn. Tkx to Lee for the rides to&back from Pat’s.

Lovely gardens from PatLynn’s and Carmel’s – had the chance to pop by to say hi to Carmel, KokSoon&Cian who is back for the summer from his medical school in London/UK. Somehow seeing Cian now in his 20s and remembering when I first met him 20yrs ago does really make me feel how time has past by so quickly ie how fast I am aging, hahaha!

Mon: Happy Bday Claire! How can that be that she is 57today?? Seems like just yesterday that I was teaching her (1978) and she was baby-sitting Linn&May travelling with us to SIN (1979). 1989pix of her visiting us in FL/USA – the last time we caught up was in Tromsø/Norway Aug 2019.


Blessed with friends like Claire (Irish/Norwegian) going back to the 1970s when she was my student&baby-sitter. With Carmel (Irish/SIN) to 2000s when we were both IGAS-committee members (she still is today). Seems like my Singaporean-Irish-Norwegian-cultures have brought us together and hopefully will stay in contact for as long as I am kicking!

Tue: somehow have managed to strain&sprain some muscles around the neck/collar-bone&R-shoulder. Have not taken any pain-killers since after being discharged from SGH, but last night, it was necessary to take it so that I can get some hours of sleep. This too shall pass – today will use a heatpad on this grey-wet morning. Nice to chat with cousin Yun in Toronto/Canada and childhood friend Peggy in Perth/Australia.

Yeah to Norway – pix downloaded. Karsten Warholm became the first man to run under 46 seconds with a time of 45.94 breaking the world record to win gold in men’s 400m hurdles – amazing race! https://sg.news.yahoo.com/news/tokyo-olympics-2021-karsten-warholm-smashes-his-own-world-record-goes-viral-for-reaction-050445419.html

Wed: another day with a heatpad and starting on foods in the freezer on this grey-wet morning.

Thu: tkx for the below interesting video from Kitty, one of my former music teachers from Dublin/Ireland days. Last meetings with her was in 2011&14 and with her mother&daughter, Yasmin who I used to baby-sit in the late 1960s now lives in NY/USA. https://amylamsg.com/2014/01/21/first-2014-lo-hei撈起/

Dr Kitty Fadlu-Deen in conversation with Dr Caroline van Niekerk – congratulations with her 2books+other publications and wishing her all the best to the building of the BallantaMusicAcademy of SierraLeona.  https://youtu.be/xEL9W3LozuQ

GG1LAM KwokFou/Lawrence(1934-2021) took his last breath today at 13.40hrs in KL/Malaysia.
May he now RIP. Condolences to his wife GG1-ONG Mabel+his family in KL/Malaysia – OG1LAM YinChon/John&family and OG2LAM YinBong/Larry&family.


1Aug – Happy Bday  TOH ChengHong
2Aug– Happy Bday LAM ChengEn
9Aug – 56th SIN National Day
10Aug – Happy Bday LAM JenWee&Alvin NG
21Aug – Happy Bday LIM SiewChin
26Aug – Happy Bday Cindy LAM
29Aug – Happy Bday Sean KENNEDY
30Aug – Happy Bday Michelle ANG

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