Wet And Stormy Days

25 Aug 2021 – Ancestral Village In Jiangmen/China

Sat: to those going to the belated NDP today, enjoy&be safe – this will be it for the floating platform for now as it will be closed after today for renovations until 2025. Downloaded pix

84 MarineParadeCentral 
XingLongCookedFood SteamedFish (S$5per piece). Actually S$5per piece is considered not so reasonable as one can get 2veggie-varities+1meat with rice all for less than S$5 at these kind of hawker-stalls! But then fish is not that cheap!

Sun: tkx for home-made PrawnMee dinner at Jo’s and also for the Kedondong (Spondias dulcis) 沙梨. The tree in her garden is packed with fruits and was also recently told by Albert that the leaves are slightly sour and can be added to a salad – that I must try.

Mon: ham cheese egg toast lunch@ToastBox/Esplanade S$7.10 where I could also change my bus here, thus still keep within my transfer fares, ie under S$1 when I can be on another bus by 45mins! Follow-up app@SGH and walked to TiongBahruBakery to take away my favourite almond croissant S$5.35.

Took whatever bus that came first back to the EastEnd and bus33 was it – turned out to be quite a joy ride bringing me along KoonSengRd in the JooChiat area.

Arr Bedok Interchange just before 1700hrs where I managed to pick up a lotus-peanuts/rib soup S$4.10 an a big box of YoléYogurt $21 in BedokMall – would not have gone in if there were any crowds or lines!

Tue: grocery shopping day@Giant/Tampines S$127.16 including SenSav3%S$3.93+PowerPac ElectricClipFan&MEG-MultiCooker, both for S$25. Bought the 3rdFan of the same kind, being satisfied with the other 2 which I paid S$20 for both in Nov2020. Pouring cats&dogs when done with shopping, but no worries, did not even have to open the umbrella, shaded all the way from the bus stops. It was rather comforting to hear the rains hitting down on the corrugated bus-stops roofs as it reminded me of nice memorable hiking days in the humble huts&shelters with these kind of roofs.

I remember from childhood days, ie 1950s-60s! how these road always flooded on heavy rainy days and the traffic was just terrible when there were Sunday races at the SwissClubRd area!


Wed: sooo excited&thrilled to hear from a long-lost cousin, IreneLAM (sister of the CoconutPostMaster in HI/USA) – no have never met her or him and really hope that we are able to connect&work something for our family’s ancestral village in Jiangmen/Guangdong Province, China so as to be linked to a neighbouring village (1hr away) which is in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This has always been in my dreams&hopes when I first set foot there in 2009, but kinda given up hope as no one in the family showed any interest when I voiced out my thoughts then!



Edited 5Sep: appreciations to GG-LAM Irene, a cousin from granduncle RG-LAM JeeChiew’s branch (Alfred-Linda Tay is the contact person for this branch) for this interesting link that her father BG-LAM YatYin and bro GG-LAM Michael started. https://lamaviation.com/

Edited 7Sep: hoping&praying that the LAM-Heritage is moving forward in the direction of preservation instead of destruction in the name of progress! As a granddaughter (let’s hope that I can count in this matter) of RG-LAM SongKee, have given the POA to the Cangdong East Culture Heritage Conservation & Development Centre in KaipingCity/China to mange the family’s property&affairs there. http://cangdongproject.org/cangdong-xmgken.asp