Happy Mother’s Day from China

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10 May 2009 – HKG & Jiangmen

Wed: arrived HKG Wed late morning and spent the afternoon walking the CausewayBay area. Many thanks to John & Rebecca for dinner at their TinShuWaiKenswood skyscraper condo.

Thu: appreciation to the RoyalGeographicalSociety for hosting the AT Thru-Hike talk to an attentive audience at The Ladies’RecreationClub – lovely facilities with good food and service.

Fri: 3hrs ferry ride pass many farmlands and industrial areas to Jiangmen. Met by two of the LAM clan and the village council. They gave a general tour of the village where grandfather LAM Song Kee & granduncle LAM Jee Chiew were from. Was also presented with a copy of the family documents and tree back to ???? will need help for this as everything is in Chinese.

Sat: all day photography and a farewell dinner. The LAM clan and the village folks were most kind and helpful. Their hospitality and generosity were received with much gratitude. Without them and John, my translator, these pictures+many more would not have been possible.

The 2 detached houses and the ancestral shrine are very impressive and way beyond my expectations. Hopes of convincing all the descendants of LAM Song Kee & LAM Jee Chew to help maintain our heritage of honour will be high on the list!

Happy Bday to grandnephew Andrew LAM.

If you don’t know your family history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree – Michael Crichton

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