21 May 2009 – Great-Grand Mothers

Thank you the 14th uncle for allowing me to photograph three pictures from the ancestral hall which have been savaged and returned to him. How exciting and interesting to discover pictures of 1st & 2nd great grandmothers’ and grandfather’s LAM Song Kee painting on porcelain. The one of grandfather is cracked but the damage can be fixed. Need to find out the names of the two grandmothers and which one of the two is my blood ancestor?

Talked to him about the intentions of preserving our LAM heritage and he has agreed fully with my proposal. When in the USA, will contact 15th uncle LAM Tin Cheong and the branches from granduncle LAM Jee Chiew (most of them are in California); can only hope that the majority will also give their consent before I put the proposal in writing.

Let us make future generations remember us as proud ancestors just as, today, we remember our forefathers – Moo-hyum Roh