Labour Day


1 May 2009 – Cheers to Labour Day & Enjoy!

Labour Day is an annual holiday celebrated all over the world that resulted from the labour union movement, to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers. The majority of countries celebrate Labour Day on 1 May and it is popularly known as May Day and International Workers’ Day. The USA Labor Day falls on the 1st Mon in Sep.

Labour Day commemorates the struggle for an eight-hour working day. New Zealand workers were among the first in the world to claim this right when, in 1840, the carpenter Samuel Pernell won an eight-hour day in Wellington. Report of 1st Labour Day- 1890.                  

Need to edit the Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike PowerPoint presentation for the HKG Royal Geographical Society as I have to cut 15mins of it. Would like to make a toast on this Labour Day with a new gift, a pair of exquisite Goebel’s Artis Orbis (Artists of the world) mouth-blown champagne glasses. Does Gustav Klimt’s print of the sensuous Kiss paints the bestower and the recipient of the gift too?

You must remember this 
A kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh 
The fundamental things apply 
As time goes by 
And when two lovers woo 
They still say, ‘I love you’ – Louis Armstrong