Back in the USA


31 May 2009 – Last 2009 May Day and summer is here!

After 15+hrs flight, 10+hrs layover in New York’s JFK (not your best airport for having a layover), 2+hrs flight to Atlanta, another 2+hrs layover in ATL and finally 1/2hr flight, am safely here in Columbia S Carolina. Good to see Linn, Jeff and the grandchildren. Feeling my age when such trips are concerned but certainly worth the while seeing the family.


Katy (7), Ellie (4) and John (2) are as cute as can be. Will Sophie (due 12 Jun) be as fair and blond?

Having thoughts of getting help while I supervise to clean their 6 bedrooms over 3 floors house  in Columbia, S Carolina during my stay here! 

Perfect love sometimes does not come until grandchildren are born – Welsh proverb