Then Nordnorsk Musikkonservatorium

23 Aug 2019 – Now Kongeparken

Wed-cont: started out walking down town on a glorious mid-morning passing by the schools that were&still are – Gylleborg elementary (the wall mosaic-mural was added on after my days), Kongsbakken videregående skole high-school and and the Maritime School. In front of the high-school (now a small park with a sculpture of the king) was  the former Old Latin-School and later Nordnorsk Musikkonservatorium where I worked, but sadly it burnt down in 1979 and the irony of it that it burnt the night after sprinklers were just installed but were not turned on yet!

Excited to find this useful site with old pix of the school which brought back fond memories running down F Langesgate towards town and just before Grønngate or Storegata? on the left-side, there was a wooden building where delicious fresh fish-cakes were made daily and you could buy them from the window – the smell&taste still lingers on…

Marit Bockelie, one of my favourite artists (especially her mosaics), in this area was a neighbour when we lived in Nesøya in the 1970s, I think she still lives there part-time. Her first mosaic in Tromsø is hung@the Department of Meteorological Institute and she titled it Tor With The Hammer Over Tromsø. Her heaviest work is The Gyllenborg-Hanen (Hen) weighs 2+tonnes and is almost 80sqM.

There is more time on this trip to research for the above topics – or perhaps being here now for the moment inspires me to want to find out more.

The new port terminal Prostneset Terminal, a hub for land&sea travelers is also where the Tourist Info is now located. Odyssey for the Future is also docked here for now – lucky me to see this unusual floating vessel, have not heard about it until now.

Slow walk towards Stortorget to KystensMathus for lunch – first time being served with this tomato-based fishsoup, quite good but personal preference is still the cream-base NOK139 S$22. Grey clouds were stating to gather and took the lazy way back by taking the bus NOK19 S$3 up the hill and just as I opened the main door to the apt block, torrential downpours fell from the sky. A good nap in this perfect weather.

Tkx to Claire&Stein for this scrupulous kveita/halibut (caught by Stein) dinner and multe/cloudberry dessert (picked by Claire). What a treat.

Thu: no worries about any weather with all these books around and the sweet fragrance of these roses from Claire’s garden. Managed to book tickets from the USA-OSL flying from Charleston-JFK US$90 S$125 JFK–OSL NOK1,590 S$245, total S$370

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all from this breath-taking view this morning – had to wake myself fully to see that it is for real and not a dream!

Strolling around Prestvannet taking in all the blue sky when it is there, especially with the mountain profile of a nose named Store Blåmann or Blåmannen 1,044m 3,425ft. Was introduced to this mountain as Karl Johans Nesa (Nose) when I first stepped foot in TOS in 1968 and since then, my relationship with this nose is similar to how Caesar was to Cleopatra’ s nose! Every time when I am back here, can never get enough of it.

If Cleopatra’s nose had been shorter, the whole face of the earth would have changed – Blaise Pascal

The paths taken@any Y-junctions have been and hopefully still be an adventure, especially when you meet a polar-bear who can forecast the weather!

Thank you to Laila&Morten for their graciousness for showing Claire&Stein how they have converted a small farm Småslett. to a country house, one of the most charming&idyllic summer places I have been.

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