Life Defies All Logic&Laws

25 Aug 2019 – Well Wishes, Thoughts&Prayers To All

Sat: walk to town from Claire’s passing by a variety of old&new designs for houses. When I was here last year, this house of the Porsche car dealer kind of intrigued me and now I kinda like it, especially the glass-door garage which shows the car – what you see is what he is. The older yellow house with the craved balcony is a contrast and absolutely beautiful.

Our philosophy is about reaching back to move forward. We have something different to say with a sensibility that is both old and new – John Varvatos

WOW – Walls of Women.

Tollboden 1789 – oldest building in the city when the pop was then 70! The first public building, a toll booth in the old town Skansen then. It has been a resident, school, senior-home, museum since then, and now 2019 a protected heritage site with the cannons still pointing to the water towards the mainland, the pop of TOS in 2018 is app 75,638.

Passing by this new development under constructions by the waters where Stein would like to get an apt (so would I) and my size of a vehicle&house. Wall-mural vs a patch of graffiti on the small opening.

Polarmuseet-Polar Museum is about Arctic-hunting and Polar-explorers – preserves and conveys stories related to this aspect of TOS history&the Arctic. NOK70 S$11Adult NOK35 S$5Senior, well worth the visit. Had our home-made sandwiches down by the low-tide seaweed-beach.

Wonder what Caesar will think of this nose?? Amundsen who in 1911 was the first to the South Pole  – poor Scott! Would be pretty hair-raising to have a polar-bear just above you. Good painting of the reindeer hunter that got me thinking of my Norwegian family who recently returned from the mountains from their hunt.

TOS Coat of Arms/Crest being the reindeer, had to get this glow in the dark Aurora T-shirt (always wanted a glow in the dark shirt, and this so far has been the only one liked)+these 2small lovely wooden hand-carved animals NOK405 S$63.

Also have been recently told that Finmark&Troms are merging together – Hammerfest/Finmark has the polar-bear for their Coat of Arms/Crest.

Walking thru’ Kysten-Hus enjoying the CodHumour&admiring the paper-fishy artwork.

Have not noticed this men’s hair salon until now? Maybe this one of Marit Bockelie’s mosaics will be my favourite, but no, I like them all. Down memory land with these 2corners that are not forgotten and look more or less the same as I remember.

Tkx to Claire, time for a coffee and to share a mini Pavlova. This used to be Pedersen bakery (now moved to  Ringveien) where I used to get the yummy Grønn Genser&napoleonskaker

The former police station (fond memories of Henrik&Marit – may they RIP), now the Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum/art museum. NOK80 S$12Adults NOK60 S$9Seniors. 

Harriet Backer’s (1845-1932) Chez Moi/Home and the piano in the foyer talked most to me about Yesterday!

Kristian Kvakland (1927-2011) Protest or Vegar Moen (1967) HKG reminding me about the present situation in HKG now! Betzy  Akersloot- Berg (1850-1922) painting on a whale shoulder,  Rose-Marie Huuva (1943) Sami Stories.

Magic Ice Bar, now this is quite an novelty! At first sight, thought they were broken glass, but on further examination, discovered that they were frozen ice shaped like wine glasses – sure got my attention! NOK250 S$40, decided to pass for this round, perhaps next week.

Continuing towards the south along the seafront&jetty watching the paragliding from the cable-car station.

Passing by Polaris to Hålogaland Teater and back into Storgate to meet Stein for dinner.

Huken BRYGG, good food with excellent service (Nathan from CA/USA) – shared the Montaditos, PortobelloBurger for Claire, SquidBurger for Stein, had to try the SpringChicken, the irony to compensate for not being one – hahaha! NOK1,041 S$162.

Shared a bottle of Mack WIT Isbjørn and even though not a beer drinker, enjoyed the taste of this. A thousand thanks to Claire&Stein as she will be off to Dublin tomorrow – safe journeys to her until we meet again.

Different angle with different lights – a beautiful sunset from yesterday evening, but this evening the body goes to sleep with a heavy heart in the cloudy sky as life defies all logic and laws. Should be tired after walking all day, alas could not quiet the mind.

Sun: well wishes, thoughts and prayers are all out hoping for the best on this wet, grey misty day. Tonight I will have a goodnight sleep knowing that things will be better and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

For every minute, the future is becoming the past – Thor Heyerdah