Peer Gynt på Gålå

11 Aug 2019 – Bucket List 

Wed&Thu: getting errands&shopping (NOK1,380 S$212)  done while May&family packed to head for the mountains. First piece of one of my favourite cakes here in Norway, napoleonskaker@Bakeriet Nærbakst/Majorstua. NOK94 S$15

Fri: TGIF – Majulah Singapura! Great to catch up with Mette for lunch before rushing into town to catch the train to Slepender NOK30 S$5. Appreciations to Leng&Tore for hosting&including me in their yummy ND pot-luck gathering in their lovely home. First time I am meeting so many of my fellow SIN in OSL. This must be my first ND celebrated in Norway with fellow-SIN.

Sat: up bright and early to catch the first T-ban-OsloS. What a confusion for me to assume (how may times do I tell myself to not assume, but check!!!) that the bus would be leaving from the bus-terminal, but turned out that for some reason or other, the bus was leaving between the train-station and ThonHotelOpera@Trelastgata. Just as well I was early out and made it in good time for the bus. Not sure why I had to take the bus to Lillehammer and then change to the train to Vinstra (not going to assume here!) – was just happy to get transportation. RT tickets to&from OSL NOK606 S$95

Appreciations to Guri for meeting me at the station in Vinstra – Peer Gynt’s Country. Good to have names of places on my pix, so as to not forget when&where wandering off beaten paths might lead me.

Headed straight up to Gålå to where they have rented a cabin for the duration of the Peer Gynt performances. Welcome back to the charms of country-roads where the animals have the right-of-way.

For Guri, 10mins run will take them to the scene, for me 30mins to walk. While the men&the kids were indoors swimming (weather overcast with rains), Guri&friend were out cross-country running to get ready for their marathon in the Feroe isalnds/Sep, I took the time walking to explore. Cakes bought there NOK245 S$38, gifts&souvenirs NOK170 S$27.

This is an outdoor performance and this year, the novelty of an infinity pool will be interesting to the scenes. Above 3pix downloaded as I will not have the opportunity to take aerial views and in blue sky for this time round.

Today is Even’s 5th Bday and here celebrating with his parents, siblings Peder, Eline+2friends&their parents. Had to take some pix with the little Big star with his proud parents&proud grand-godparent! if that even exist! The last time I met up with the whole Stenseth family was in 2015, 4yrs ago when Even was 1.

Full-house for Ibsen’s Peer Gynt på Gålå 2019 last performance (NOK800 S$125) for Peder. Difficult to take pix during the performance due to the lighting and the weather. Was also told not to take pix during the performance, but managed to do so under the covers of a rain-cape borrowed from Guri. Doubt that anyone noticed it as I was taking the pix from the inside of quite a fully covered cape.

Amazing set-ups scenes, props, etc. The infinity pool gave the special effects, especially at the ship-wreck scene – with the rains&cloudy sky, the feeling was quite surreal. Sure would like to play on that baby-grand being slowly pulled across the waters. The only 2pieces of Greg’s Peer Gynt Suite used here were Solveig’s Song&The Death of Åse. 

Tkx to Guri for the summary program where you can see what it is like in clear weathers. This is one of the items to do/see on my bucket list, but unlike others, this one is a special bonus – with Peder in this performance. By the time I got back to my accommodations, it was way pass midnight, happy to have had this experience at this stage of life’s journey.

Sun: decided to take an extra day here in VInstra. No complains with the place here NOK2,190 S$340 for 2nights, surrounded by mountains, clean, no frills and 5mins walk to the train station.

Nice walk around the area by the river about noon and the weathers were just perfect. Discovered the church up the slopes and decided to walk up there, remembering that churches in this country usually have the best sights.

Sure enough and worth the walk uphill to Sødorp kirke (1760), a beautiful old structure in serene surroundings overlooking the town on the other side of the river.

Headed back slowly across the river admiring this lovely house with a gazebo by the river. Strange to see how calm the river is on one side of the bridge, while it seems the opposite on the other side – enjoyed thoroughly this 2hrs refreshing walk.

To live is to war with trolls in heart and woul. 
To write is to sit in judgment on oneself – Henrik Johan Ibsen, Peer Gynt