Tromsø 2019

21 Aug 2019 – Not All Roads Lead to Rome

There’s roads, and there’s roads,
And they call. Can’t you hear it?
Roads of the earth
And roads of the spirit

The best roads of all
Are the ones that aren’t certain.
One of those is where you’ll find me
Til they drop the big curtain — Bruce Cockburn

Mon: And the road to the 1st day of school into 3rdGrade for #6 starts today

Could not find the Telenor@Majorstuen – took a slow refreshing walk, watching life goes by from Majorstuen to the castle-grounds and the castle.


Unlike SIN, I can walk a whole day here in this kind of weather.

Bought this phone@the Telenor Shop, OsloByporten NOK2400 S$370 and this is the first phone I am paying for! All the others have either been free with a subscription plan or inherited when the younger ppl get new models.

Had the Nordic Fish Soup+my favourite BundabergGingerBeer@PinkFish, OsloCityShopping NOK192 S$30. The only other PinkFish I know of is@Jewel/SIN but the lines were too long at the opening to try then.

Tue: some extra time at the airport to get things sorted@NorwegianCustomerServiceDesk. The Blackbirds here are new, but could not find any title or artist name? FlyBar has been here since the beginning.

Would have lingered longer outside on this lovely day if not for all the smokers, took this on the link-bridge where smoking was not allowed but could still smell them. #6 makes these paper-planes and we have fun trying to fly them from the upstairs into the garden in his home.

Nice grand-piano (played on it with my signature Yesterday!) and life around gate A15 area after checking in. Also a book for signing, but I did not leave any footprints! – found this impressive drawing. Playful time for the kids before strapping them down! Flexible moves from this dancing guy – strange sounds came from the funny looking large street-light when you walk under it.

It was a month shy of 1yr since I was last in Tromsø/TOS.

On time and uneventful nearly 2hrs flight to TOS. Tkx to Claire for meeting me and for delicious lunch with these yummy stone-crab legs fresh from Stein’s catch.

The view from the living room&the kitchen where I will be staying until 3Sep, so what is the complain??? And I will overflow my posting with these kind of views not knowing when&if I will have another chance to stay in Hazel&Richard’s apt located on the highest point of the island in additional to being the top floor in this apt block.

Wed: what a treat to wake up to this kitchen view towards the mainland which was also the living room view from when&where I lived in the 1970s-80s.

A fuller view from the living room towards the airport and the outer islands –

not forgetting that the main drag is located on this tiny island but unlike any other tiny islands, this is a uncrowded island surrounded by clean air, spectacular mountains where I can so understand&relate to life. Only now can I finally&honestly admit that this must be the favourite place where I have so far lived, but… we can get to those buts another day&time. For now I only want to enjoy and cherish every moment here.

Most grateful to Hazel&Richard for the use of their apt, thus being able to appreciate my time here longer, and to Claire&Stein for everything they are doing for me, am sooo truly blessed.