Tromsø/Kvaløya 2018

14 Sep 2018 – Coincidence Or Synchronicity??

Mon: landed in TOS on this beautiful blue sky with temps 24.4ºC/76ºF measured at the Meteorological Institute. This is the highest temp ever measured here so late in the year. Tkx to Claire for meeting me@the airport after an uneventful 1hr45mins flight from OSL.

Could not have asked for better weather – this is the 1st time I have seen so little snow on Tromsdalstinden. Sitting in Claire’s living room, totally mesmerized with memories of this similar views from TOS days in the 1960s&70s.

The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go – John Muir

Stein in the meanwhile (since we last met 2yrs ago) has given up his regular 9-5 job and has turned fishman – good for him and for our fresh seafood dinner.

Tue: bus26 to the Fjellheisen hoping to get up to Fløya by the 1000hrs cable-car and walking down. Huffda/alamak it was closed for maintenance and this was not stated when I checked online last night!

Change of plans and decided to find this famous Sherpas’ Steps from the cable-car station to discover that it was quite a walk to get to the first step…

By the time I got to the first step, I knew that it would have been unwise to attempt those 1,000steps up and another 1,000 down again with no water or food (was planning to get some snacks&drinks@Fløya), in addition, having to rush back to make dinner.

The beautiful views from the first step was a good place to give some thoughts for all who lost their life on this day 9/11 17yrs ago.

Also a time for reflecting on all the blessings in life.

A slow walk down and headed back to town following the roads away from Fjellheisen  which will lead to me the church to cross the bridge. As I was soaking the in the views, I heard someone calling my name and looking around to see that there was no one on the roads but me, turned to see where the voice was from! Did not even know that Nils&Guro live here. Tkx for tea, Guro and last time I saw her was at least 10yrs ago! How coincident can this be, not so alamak/huffda afterall!

Down to the church, under&over the bridge and into town.

Yummy fish-soup for lunch@Dragøy with this 90kg Halibut, but just the head was there for display (to later discover that it was Stein’s catch of the day!). Shopping@Vinmonopolet@Nerstranda. Of course sherry is a must for me to cook with, especially now that I do not drink 🙂

A stroll thru’ town as the blue sky appeared.

Great to catch up with Hazel&Richard who are just back from their 6months stay in Ireland. Discovered this local Mack brew Ginger Beer – actually made from apple juice, flavoured with ginger, probably considered a kind of cider (alcohol% 3.75% – 4.75%), liked it.

Made Chinese-steamed fresh fish from Stein’s catch and a fusion shrimp wild-rice dish.

Wed: tkx to Stein for driving me to Pedersens Bakery which was in town many moons ago but now is relocated away from town on Ringveien, north of the island. Ordered 5Napoleonskake for tomorrow lunch as they are Ellen’s favourite and bought Grønn Genser=GreenSweater (light sponge with cream, apricot, vanilla cream&walnuts covered with a thin layer of green marzipan) for today as it is my favourite from this bakery.

Got to see Claire&Stein’s cute boat while in the area. Just can not get enough of the nature here – even a simple natural stone wall to my eyes is amazingly beautiful.

On the way to Kvaløya from the airport and poor Morten had to stop the car as I could not resist taking all these pix  and with him surrounded by Tromsøpalme.

towards the mainland+TOS and the opposite direction towards Ersfjord


Edited 18Jan2019: appreciations to Morten for the above shot – trying to get shots towards Ersfjord

Tkx to Laila&Morten for yummy Bokna (half-dried cod, special for N Norway)+fresh produce&potatoes from their own garden@Kvaløya where they have an old charming farm (now converted to present-day living) app 45mins drive from town.

Great to catch up with Magnus&Ellisiv.

Thu: appreciations to Cathrine for delicious smoked-salmon lunch@her lovely home with Ellen, Nils and Sanna. Glad to see Ellen enjoying her food+Napoleonskake.

Tkx to Nils for a delightful evening with Claire for the performance of Richard Tognetti and the NOSO/Nordnorsk Opera og Symfoniorkester@KulturHuset. We really enjoyed the contemporary piece, Vox amoris – Fantasia for violin&strings by Peteris Vasks. And that is unusual, as contemporary music is not my forte!

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. Pix of the town in fog and preparations for the winter with their roads. Hope that the snow this winter will not be above the white-marking on the pole! Tusen takk to everyone who has taken time to catch up with me and to  Claire&Stein for putting me up and putting up with me. Flying off with a very heavy heart but hope to be back again in 2019.

The only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future Oscar Wilde 

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