Markedsdag 2018

10 Sep 2018 – Off Again

Sat: #6&B+MooseEgil are off to camp and I am crossing my fingers&toes for the sky to clear for them. Looking much forward to hearing about his adventures tomorrow.

The pouring rains here this early morning was getting me to rethink about going to Markedsdag@Bogstadveien but as it got to a drizzle, decided to go.

More convenient when M&B’s apt was just around the corner by the clock! But that was a couple of years ago!! Was there by 1000hrs and out by 1200n when the sky changed from grey to blue and the crowds turned up. Like walking on this street when it is closed to traffic, but must be careful not to trip on the tram-lines.

Eyeing the security guards, I would imagine that some younger females would not mind being arrested 🙂 Got my usual paella for lunch NOK100 S$16 for a bowl and had to drink gallons of water the rest of the day! Moods of Norway has gone under and Marimekko has relocated. These are the 2stores with quality merchandises I would look for good buys.

Got some decent bargains, the price of this honey has not changed NOK200 S$32 and I still prefer the honey from the berry bees, just hope that the rest of the family has the same taste! All in all spent less than NOK1,000 S$165 this time round.

This is the last weekend for HungryGhostMonth, paid respects@VestreGravlund to Emma (1898-1981) and JohnK Hald#3 (1923-2008) with fond memories of them who have accepted me into the family with open arms when I first met them in the 1960s and have graciously made me feel welcomed for every visit.

This must be the most interesting iron gate I have taken a pix of. The reality is actually just an ordinary lovey iron gate, but somehow both pix taken strangely turned out looking 3D like – optical illusion reminding me that things aren’t always the way they appear.

Sun: presentable presentation, food so-so, service certainly needs improvement here. The quail was on the tough side, #6 can not get enough salmon sushi and May had the tom yum seafood soup total costing NOK466 S$76. No intentions to return to this location. Movies Incredibles 2 to end a tiring day for #6


Mon: off again and this time to Tromsø for the week. 1st time@OSL airportGateC enjoying the sight&novelty of it.

41608602_2065428483488842_587024387576692736_nThe weather forecast for this coming weekend in SE Asia and SE USA do not look like there will be blue skies! But then where MotherNature is concerned, only she can decide what will really happen&when it happens. In the meanwhile, it would be wise for ppl living in these areas to take precautions.

Prevention is better than cure

Computer models indicating a monster TyphoonMangkhut to hit SE China coast area around 16Sep and HurricaneFlorence might be a threat to SC/USA.

Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less― Rick Warren 

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