September 2018

7 Sep 2018 – Bday Month For Many

Mon: another train ride bright&early, appreciations to Roar for sending me off@Heimdal station. Another beautiful day with blue sky thru’ Dovre Mts&Gudbransdalen on this 6+hrs train ride back to OSL.

Tue: 4decades have gone by when the land of the Mid-Night Sun, now more known for the Auroras welcomed the birth of my 2nd-born! Happy 40thBday to May – Tromsø/Norway (where she was born), USA (CA,FL&NY) until her late 20s and now back in her birth-country with her partner&their 7yrs old son.

Surprised by neighbours+kids with a special apple cake+champagne bright&early – good of Bjørn to pull thru’ this one, she has voiced that she will be having a crazy day with work and will not be celebrating the actual day. Mexican take-out dinner by request of the Bday girl – Cielito (pix downloaded), good food, but would have been better eating there, especially for the nachos which were on the soggy side when consumed as take-away.


Made a blueberry pie and the only time I do so is when I can pick wild blueberries and when I can get Norwegain Tina unsalted butter and fresh cream, otherwise the taste is not how I like it. Forgot to take pix this time round! The last time I baked one was in 2011 and this one is similar and tasted just as good.

Wed: 7yrs ago, was blessed with my youngest #6 grandchild. Today, am still blessed and he is an adorable 2nd Grader who manages to communicate both in Norwegian&English. Happy 7th Bday Olai, who was so excited that he was awake at the crack of dawn. His latest favourite snack, homemade apple chips and this is a good year for apples. Even I who is not a fan of dried fruits like them.

The magnets of the 50 USA states I have been collecting over the years were well-received, was afraid that he might find them boring. Believe it or not, request for his Bday dinner was salmon sushi from Alex Sushi (pix downloaded). So while I made Bourbon Salmon for the us, he had take-away salmon sushi.

Thu: #6 Bday party and boys will be boys – with 11 of them in a small space, best to be not too near 🙂 Glad that all the paper-wear mailed in Jun have been received in good condition – considering the cost to mail them from the US!!! Fun time was had by all with music from Cubby Chucker’s Limbo&Twist – good job from M&B.


IMG_8044New game received – La cucarache (Spanish), Kakerlakak (Norwegian) – not sure how this Cockroach board game got translated to Bugs In The Kitchen. And guess who is the cutest bug in this Norwegian kitchen 🙂

According to #6, this shuttling Hexbug might be too quick for an older person like me and he might be right – lol

There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age ― Sophia Loren


Fri: TGIF and and good weekend to all. Looks like MooseEgil is back for a revisit! It must have enjoyed its time with us so much last year. Started the revisit shopping and having dinner@Storo Storsenter. Tkx to May for dinner@BambusSushiNoodles. That boy sure likes salmon sushi!

People Who Know How To Pose With Sculptures – these are so clever. Tkx to Steve Reno for sharing these on FB. Hope that they have also put a smile 🙂 on your face.

The catch phrase for the day is ‘Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile – Harvey Ball

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