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3 Sep 2018 – Around Trondheim TRD

Fri: good morning, TGIF and the last Fri for Aug with this beautiful sunrise from Byåsen.

Started the day on the 1100hrs boat to Munkholmen, a small island of 13acres which lies app 15mins by boat outside Trondheim center. 1st time on this island and could not have asked for a more beautiful day on the fjord and a walking around the island is FOC.

Interesting&rich in history dating back before the 11th century. Was also used as a prison here at one time and it is no wonder that the last prisoner here in the basement died within 2-3months considering the condition! Would have gone crazy for even an hour!!

NOK95 S$15.50pp boat-ride, NOK30 S$5 entrance&tour into the round building. While I took the tour, Anne fell asleep outside in this glorious weather, just made it for 1215hrs boat after frantically looking for her.

Ravnklov – one of the best fishmongers in town by the water.

Fishcakes done in at least 4ways, various smoked and fresh fish.

Short walk into town to share a chicken salad with Anne@Rosenborg Bakery, Olav Tryggvasonsgate which is under a test project with more green and trees, several bicycle racks and seating. And on the pedestrian street, Nordregate where TGIFridays&BurgerKing are located.

Tyholtårnet TyhotTower is a 120m high telecommunications and radio tower. On a clear day like today, you can see most of Torndheim city+the background mts.

On the top floor, restaurant Egon where the floor slowly rotates 360º so you can see the whole of TRD in an hour. Both Anne&I opted for the non-revolving floor below with just a bar and could walk around without feeling too queezy!  It was perfect as we were the only ppl there.

Sat: a drive to another top, Gråkallen and a walk around Baklidamen/Bymarka with a further, but broader view of Gråkallen – like seeing the whole pix instead just a section.

Quite an active life on this well-trodden trail.

With 69stores, City Syd (1987) is one of Norway’s largest shopping malls and is located app 8km S of TRD city center. Trying to find Bday gifts, but food shopping is till my favourite kind of shopping. Ariel pix downloaded.

Hvarsteinkirke, a charming stone church (1857) with a wooden tower added on in 1900. Like most Norwegian churches, here is another eg located with perfect views to the town and sea!


Amund lives in a lovely apartment by this church&cemetery.


Ola&family has a nicely renovated house on the other side of the cemetery.

Sun: another day in paradise picking berries in the woods@Granåsen neighbourhood. Memories of 40yrs ago when May was about to be born and we were picking blueberries together in Tromsø. Roar was then my anesthesiologist who was going to give me an epidural and I was making sure to be around him that week of the due-date 🙂


Blueberry season is kinda over but we still managed to get some. What a wonderful day to be with good old friends in this beautiful world.


Paying respect to Roar’s parents, Anne&Arvid@Tiller Church&Cemetary.


Delicious salmon dinner with Ola&fam minus Sondre who was at a Bday party. It was no wonder that Amund could remember much of his May1993 FL visit. His journal with pix here are impressive considering how old he was then.


Berry-picker I have seen, but this new concept is really quite brilliant. Since the berry picker usually also picks some leaf, this thing here attach to a vacuum-cleaner separates the leaf from the berries! Trust Anne&Roar to have gadgets like this. Appreciations to them for a lovely weekend, for putting me up and putting up with me.

The moon stood still 
On Blueberry Hill
And lingered until 
My dreams came true – Fats Domino

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