Going Down Memory Lane

31 Aug 2018 – We Are What We Remember

Mon: downtown to take the free IKEA bus and what are all these new constructions by the OSL OperaHouse?? Above 2pix downloaded. Passengers on the IKEA bus reminds me somewhat of the Greyhound!


Edited: Thu’s newspaper – the Opera has become more invisible. Looks like the new library, Munch Museum will soon be joining here to change the skyline of this area! Will take some time getting use to the new blocks…

Had to pick up some wine glasses for May and for 6glasses@NOK49 S$8, you cannot go wrong. A bite to eat and pineapple plant for house-warming and good luck to Leng hit the spot.

A short walk to do some grocery@MENY (did not exist when I lived in this area in the 70s!) with some time to go down memory lane. Sjøengen kafé (1980s) as it was known then when I used to help Jenny, now Sjøengen Kro AS Billingstad.

The boats and houses here have grown at an overwhelming rate and I have lost count of the times I have crossed the bridge across to Nesøya. It will be a different story now that Ellen has sold the house and moved to Tromsø. Also far-away memories of flying into the airport@Fornebu in the 1960s!

Appreciations to the Lundemos for dinner@their lovely home. Was informed that there are ongoing NATO exercises, thus all these helicopters over the past few days.


Nice view to Oslo Fjord, can barely see the bridge to Nesøya where I lived in the 1970s! Tkx Leng for driving me back downtown.

Tue: morning@DnB/Majortuen to take care of banking matters – the security guard there looked totally bored! Every time I pass by this statue, there are either pigeons or sea-gulls on the head! Wonder if Heyerdahl, an engineer for the foundation of Holmenkollbane would RIP if he knew what was going on top of his head!

Some day I will sit down at this delightful cafe and have a bite of a drink. Have been saying that for years and again saying it today as I had to catch the subway to Kolsås.

App 30mins from Majortuen-Kolsås, another area where I used to live in the 80s!

Tkx to Kirsten for picking me up at the station and for a drive up memory lane – Piggsoppgrenda, 

A wonderful afternoon@Henie Onstad Kunstsenter with Jakob Weidemann – self portrait (1942),  It is simplicity that I wish to attain… but honestly&personally, most of his works do not speak much to me.

Hymn of Life – Yayoi Kusama

Yummy Fishsoup and an applejuice@Piruetten for lunch.

A ride on one of the slowest elevators going down another memory lane to my first visit here 50yrs ago with my father.

Paying respects to the Onstads where the views to the area are quite lovely, including Kolsåstoppen in the far background.

Thu: what is it with public transport stations and me?? Catching this 0806hrs 6+hrs train-ride from OSL – Heimdal to visit with Anne&Roar for the weekend.

Was tired and snoozed most of the way. Had an apple juice NOK50 S$8+a cup of coffee&waffler NOK70 S$11.50 to keep awake so as to enjoy this spectacular view while crossing the DovreMts with Snøhetta 7,500′ 2,286m under the blue sky. Tkx to Roar for meeting me at the station.

Appreciations to Ola for sharing his 3boys – Sondre (9), Elias (8) and Jakob (5) orienteering run. Fun and always in support to see active kids out enjoying the good weather.


Anne, another doting grandmother here 🙂 Good turn out and baked-sales. Brownies were most popular and the first to be sold-out. Bought some slices enough for the boys before they were all gone!

Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.

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