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26 Aug 2018 – Being Top Of The Happy Country List

Fri: woke bright&early to an amazing sunrise with the helicopter above. Could have done with more sleep, but somehow the mind would not go in sync with the body!

Had to get to the post office on a lovely morning’s slow walk to and back from Ullevål Stadion Shopping was well-received to get some fresh air in the asthmatic airways of the lungs and movements to the joints. Nice of Mette to meet me@BakerHansen for my shrimp salad lunch. Could not resist getting more seafood at the grocery since I was here.

Kari Traa for sale at half-price NOK245 S$40@Milslukr’n. There are a few Norwegian branded quality I like, HellyHansen, Brynje, Norrøna. And now, found this shirt that is light-weight, thin and drip-dry to hopefully dry within 5mins. The material seems strong enough for my travels, so let’s see how this goes.

Sunset with the Holmenkollen Ski-Jump in the far background before the sky opened to a short heavy downpour.

Sat: feast on smoked-salmon, mackerel and peel to eat shrimps – appreciations to Ingrid for lunch company. Norwegian shrimps are the best tasting ones as they are usually cooked straight from seawater after they are caught and that is as fresh as you can get them, ended the day with tiny piece of Halibut for dinner. To top the day, tkx to May for pix of #6 catching a large one, can’t wait to hear about it tomorrow.

Sun: some neighbours down the road were having some birthday bash last night, could hear them but was too tired to be bothered. A good night sleep of 10+hrs last night was much needed, do not remember when I had such a long deep sleep! Another beautiful morning in paradise watching the neighbours shed-building development since last summer!

A short walk to the only grocery in the neighbourhood open on Sundays, Kolobri@Damplassen.

Watching ppl enjoying each other gives me a good feeling. Tasted this Coffee&Cocoa Farm IceCream, but still prefer Ben&Jerry’s CoffeeCoffee!

While making food in the kitchen I heard some unhappy cries from the neighbour! spied a sweet little fella having time-out!! on this beautiful Sunday – a Kodak moment 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday, time-in or out – Time & Tide wait for NO one.

To discover that his older sister’s Bday is today and probably a lot is going on indoors – gratulerer med dagen, Nora! Pix taken of the Bday party from the patio.

Besides the fresh seafood from yesterday, the other foods&drinks I enjoy from Norway are various fishcakes, lomper/potato pancake wrapping around a hotdog while lefse is sweet and has layers of butter and sugar wrapped in it. The best apple juice I have tasted is from Norway. Do not usually drink soda, but Solo, I like.

Roast-beef salad supper today while waiting for the family to return from the mountains.


With the family safe&sound home, no need for helicopter 🙂 This amazing moose skull (may it RIP) with a perfect set of antlers was found and brought back to rest in the garden where apples are ready for harvest.

Norway – something in this clean air where the ppl really seem to genuinely enjoy their simple moments in life, cheerful chatters with laughter, etc. Norway is also where I remember both my happiest&saddest memories…

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