Goodbye Canada

23 Aug 2018 – Hello Norway

Mon: bright and early catching the street-car connecting to the subway@Union Station for the UPEx to the airport. Did not make time to take any pix at Union upon arrival, so gave myself enough time this time round. Also a bonus being early, no crowds.

@YYZ with good time to spare with a last bite of Peameal bacon&egg for breakfast. 1040hrs AirCanada flight to FLL was overbooked. Since my FLL-OSL did not take off until 23hrs, I volunteered my seat on that over-booked flight and got C$400+$15 for food in return. So this trip is meant to be. RT airfares to and from YYZ has now been taken care of by my guardian angel.

Arr FLL before 1800hrs and good time to connect from T2-T3 to catch my upgraded 8+hrs flight which I made a min bid of US$100+on NorwegianAir-OSL. Seats in the PremiumClass are more spacious and the food was OK, but the awful cough did not permit me to enjoy fully the comforts of this 787-Dreamliner on seat 1C.

Tue: arr on schedule and glad to be the few first ppl to deplane and got thru’ immigration within 5mins. Improvements and constructions with more ppl to handle the lines are good to have. Was welcomed with open arms and the sweetest smile by #6 at the other end of the tram station and his drawing hanging in the neighbourhood grocery! These are the moments that make even the most uncomfortable trip worth the effort.

JetLag – your watch, phone, and computer all show different times, and you don’t know who to believe. Your body clock, of course, is of no help! 🙂 

Wed: feeling like a zombie and the cough is no help. Had to meet up at the police station to collect document@Grønland politistasjon/OsloPoliceStation, an area completely unknown to me. Walked 15mins in the drizzles from where I got off the tram as I got off at the wrong stop. Left early enough (usually do when going to unfamiliar territory) to make it to my appointed time. Usually a walk like this is a piece of cake, but this time round was so short of breath.

Interesting displays in the station to learn that in 1876 – ‘Sophie Johannesdatter was sentenced to death for poisoning, theft and arson. She was the last woman in Norway who was executed by beheading’.

Discovered the old Grønland kirke/church (1869) Brannstasjon/FireStation (1866). Did not have the energy to explore them. Now that I know where they are, might make time another day. Tkx to Eivind, I now have inhalers, medications for a viral asthmatic (another LAM gene I was hoping to avoid!) cough. A long afternoon nap and a short night sleep!

Thu: the fam headed to the mts bright&early for hunting and I will try to rest up in their absence. Hunting to control the pop of the wild-life is not the same as sports hunting and many ppl do not know or understand the difference.

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