Last 2018 Weekend In SC

30 Jul 2018 – Leaving With A Heavy Heart

Thu: running errands before thinking about packing! Returning library books (0.80c penalty for 2books and 2days late) and clothes to  charity. Great catching up with the Barbara&Justin. Calamari&Bruschetta starters followed by Soft-shell crabs@Alodia’s with a Bellini to celebrate this last Thu dinner in the US.  Truly blessed with the best family&friends like the Lufurnos who are very special ppl to me – their kindness by letting my family stay in their parents’ condo after the house fire will always be appreciated and remembered.

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. Saw this below posting. SIN and Norway on top of the list – explains why I like being there! Bolivia, Sierra Leone, Botswana are at the bottom of this list and countries I have not been…,

Getting foods ready for the weekend and it will be another year (ie if I live to see another year 🙂 ) before I make food for this family again –  Curry shrimps, Bourbon SalmonIrish-creamed potato+mushroom&fresh fruits.

Sat: congratulations to dear grand-nephew SuiChang for his marriage, welcome Mrs Lam to the family – will update with name when back in SIN. All the very best to them and might even be blessed to see a new generation! Waiting to hear what the colour will be for the new generation! So far brown has been suggested by niece JenLeng. Pix credits to another dear grandnephew, KeeYang. L-R: LAM JenMum, ANG KeeYang, SiewKeng, ANG QiYing, 2sis-in-law,  LAM SuiChang&his bride, LAM JenLeng&MrANG, MayvenLEE&LAM JenWee. This is 2bro’s (may he RIP) branch in the family tree.

#5 belated Bday Party@Lake Murray – not that easy to get my whole flock together. Jeff is on call today! Will try later before I take off!! 


Rub-a-dub dub, too many boys in the tub – boys will be boys and glad to be able to be here to capture them all having such fun. And grandma will be grandma and she sure likes taking pix, especially candid shorts 🙂

Anna, Tiffany & Tai with their boys and Rich with his 2girls. These kids sure make me feel old. It really did not seemed that long ago when we babysat baby Cody when Tiffany had to go for her haircut after giving birth. He is now 14 and has a great sense of humour.

Stayed indoors in the AC with the hormonal teenagers, #1&2, Cody, Tyler including the dog! This must be the most expensive US$20 S$27 treat I have ever gotton for any dog – Prairie DogTreat/Antier Elk Horn, organic and was told that it should last for months. Will need the kids to let me know how long it will last…

Managed to gather the flock together for dinner@TopChinaBuffet with Tiffany&her boys. Bday boy here is hidden behind #4 in this pix, but they are all here. My only rule to all buffets is – they can take whatever and however much they like, but NO food wastage. The kids like it here as they can eat as much ice cream as they want. For 11ppl the price is not too bad, US$85 S$115 including 10%discount.

Sun; breaks my heart to see someone heading to the misguided dark path in their life’s journey. While the family is at church today, hopes, prayers and thoughts that the light will guide their footsteps thru’ the tunnel of darkness back to the light.


Mon: my least favourite thing to do – but pack I must. Here are pix to remind me what I have stored with L&J but will probably forget again this time next year…


Tkx to L&J for storing my stuff so that I am able to travel with a small bag and my own self-made tag!+a Ultralight bag-pack, ie no check-in luggage.  Should really have a tag that say  I wish I could remember MY name&where I am going –  lol

牽馬到河邊容易,逼馬飲水難。(意指為他人做某事創造條件易,使其做某事難)You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink – as the Chinese saying goes!

Back To SC

26 Jul 2018 – For One More Week

Sun: breakfast@Dutch Kitchen Restaurant Frackville/PA before hitting the road. Wiggs and I had a Mimosa for vitaminC ration 🙂 and to celebrate our time together before going our separate ways.

Picked up HIHills’s car@TrailAngel Marion/VA who was out to feed us in 2005. Dropped Lizard at some junction in VA where she was picked up by her partner and Wiggs@her home in Blacksburg VA.

Stopped to communicate for directions and it was strange to recognize one of the Greyhound’s stop by McD – trying to remember which trip it was when I was here ?2015? Welcomed by a beautiful rainbow (showers and sunshine on the whole drive) and 2 cute rabbits in NC. Most appreciative to Glenda&Franklin for driving up&down this trip to ME.

Mon: Happy to Bdays #5 (7) and to grandnephew Lucas in SIN.

Paying respect to a legend Tom Dula/Dooley in Wilkesboro/NC, who was hung for murder – my thought is that he was innocent! Appreciations to HiHillsFranklin for finding the location and driving me there. Strangely enough the roosters at the nearby farm all started to crow when we were got to the gravestone, even though it was past 1400hrs and they stopped when we left!! Wonder what our other hiker buddy MoFo will make out of it 🙂 🙂

A lovely short drive by the YadkinRiver drive thru’ these Kudzu invasive plants which look very green but rather eerie. The Crepe Myrtles on the other hand, look delightful, even when pix is not sharp!

Blessed to have G&F crossing this life’s journey and for their being. Dinning on their lovely designers’ cast-iron furniture in their bed-room patio to end this wonderful trip to&from ME. Looks like Franklin is having second thoughts on my home cooked Bourbon Salmon – lol


Enjoying their lovely garden before I have to take off – was told that it was unusual to have 3humming birds together at the same feed!! My first encounter with a Weeping Norway Spruce

Tue: 0945hrs bus from Wilkesboro-WinstonSalem/NC in heavy rains with a good driver app 1hr drive, on schedule and uneventful. The WS bus station has a nice map on the floor with interesting ppl here!

App 4hrs delayed in WS and no big deal and glad to have lunch again@SweetPotato and fun wander around the artsy area near the station. The Greyhound customer service here was good today and was willingly to store my luggage and came to update me with info regarding the delay.

Seems like the sculptures here like to be on the rooftops or on the wall which makes it difficult to get eye-contact with! Managed to do all the gifts shopping@MastGeneralStore.

1700hr – took off in a bus without air towards Charlotte/NC and it was either that or wait another 5hrs! 2hrs was not that bad, but there were definitely some ppl upset and all kinds of language&drama on this trip! Did not help with the bumper-bumper traffic getting into Charlotte in the bus without air! Cloud gazing usually have a calm effect on me. All’s well that ends well, there was another bus with air and the 1+hr ride to Columbia/SC was smooth&uneventful arr 2100hrs. Tkx to Linn for picking me up.

Wed: a day to rest and reflect feeling so appreciative&grateful to my hiking friends who have helped to make another wonderful trip with good memory to cherish.

A Walk In The Woods!

21 Jul 2018 – Yellow, Blue&White Blazing

Wed: our hikers started 0430hrs heading towards the approaching trail for Mahoosuc Notch&Arm but had to turn back due to road closure to get to the trail head from The Cabin. This section is known to be the most difficult mile on the AT where I fell and hurt my back in 2005.

Lovely day-hike Blue&WhiteBlazing@DunnNotch.

W-Branch of the Ellis River thru’ conserved wilderness, passing pools, cascades and the beautiful Upper and Lower Dunn Falls. Return along the AT for a loop hike. What a privilege to be hiking with Honey (86) and her great-grand son Josh (14).

Good lobster roll@SundayRiver Brewery.

Sunday River Covered Bridge (1872) for pedestrians only and the local general store. Good of AndyBrown to drive all the way from Bangor to catch up. The last time I saw him was@the ATthru’Hike in 2005 where he was our TrailAngel and I ate 5hotdogs here somewhere in ME.

Thu: drove to the NotchTrail to check out the trail-head for tent sites. Snacked@White Mountain Cafe/Gorham, good quiche but slow service, so if tight with time, find a fast food place!

Tent-City! and if you were starting your hike from the trailhead here, you will surely not miss us. Tents for HiHills&Frankin, PacMan&Josh, Wiggs, Pokey&Lizard and I (total 5tents) – tkx to the Tripletts for the loan of tent, sleeping-bag, ground-sheet, air-mattress, etc, not expecting to hike, left my camping and hiking gears in SIN.

Fri: TGIF wake up call for the hikers 0430hrs – hikers on the trail by 0700hrs for another attempt for the Mahoosuc Notch&Arm. It sure took me some time to dismantle and pack the tents, must be out of touch!!

Car was dirty after driving thru’ the gravel roads to the trail-head – gave both cars a wash. Shared an omelette for brunch with HiHill@Welsh, Gorham. 

Yellow-Blaze 8mi (drive!) up Mt Washington. Had actually wanted to take the Cog Railway, but the timing did not fit, so not meant to be.

Last time here (2005), could not even see my hands when they were stretched out, had to link arms with Wiggs, Gadget&T² to hike thru’ this section. On top of Mt Washington is also the location with the highest wind record 213mph in 1934. Thus understanding why the building is chained to the ground!

Drove back to the Cabin dropping Pokey’s car@GraftonNotch via Gorham.

Grafton Notch ScrewAugerFalls – is a 25-foot plunge over the lip of a broad granite ledge into a gorge. A transparent curtain of whitewater is created by the plunge. Below the main plunge, the Bear River travels through a curvaceous gorge, dropping an additional thirty feet in a series of cascades past giant potholes, shallow pools and grottoes. There is also a small natural arch here, a rarity for New England. And again had my feet in the water and it was on the cold side for a CandyAss


Sat: group got in past 0100hrs. 0900hrs heading South on the Yellow-Blaze – appreciations to Honey&Bear+Hopper for their kindness&hospitality@The Cabin.


Glad that our hikers are all safe and sound. Thank you to TrailAngels HiHills&Franklin.


YellowBlazing down I-95South.


Dinner & overnight@FrackvillePA.


IMG_6188Yummy dinner@Anthony’s Pizza

with an interesting&interactive restroom sign! Excellent food, one of the best Tiramisu – managed to buy the last 2pieces and they were consumed before I had the chance to take my camera out!! Was pleasantly surprised by the standard of the food here and seems like a  big population of Italian decedents here.


A decent night sleep@the EconoLodge was appreciated by all. Sharing the room with Wiggs&Lizard makes it more affordable, US$30pp S$41. Cool map of US car licence plates in the room. Tkx to Franklin for booking this.

Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaningJoseph Campbell

Mooselookmeguntic Lake – ME

18 Jul 2018 – Rangeley & The Surroundings

Mon: PacMan not well to hike, the rest heading out 0600hrs in Pokey’s car. Back to S Arm Rd to drive her car to the next AT Trail-Head on this lovely Mon morning. With Franklin driving his car and I driving Pokey’s car, we will manage to get it to the trail-head where they will end up this evening. Passing Roxbury on Rte17 with 22windmills on PartridgePeak, Flathead Mt & Record Hill.

AT Trail-Head by Height of Land, top of Spruce Mountain in Rangeley/ME. Met one Thru-Hiker Switch and did some TrailMagic. He started in GE and now has about 10days to complete his Thru-Hike – Happy&Safe Trails to him.

Spectacular views of MooselookmegunticLake.

RangeleyLake with sections of the AT at the far background in the neck of the woods with Moxi&LongPonds.

Good lobster salad lunch@ParkSide&Main/Rangeley. Was hoping for a sea-plane ride around the lakes, but the office was closed and no answer on their phone. Heard it above our heads during lunch but it did not land, not even after lunch!

Smalls Falls Rte4, Rangeley – a series of waterfalls and cascades on the SandyRiver in Township E-West Central Franklin. Looked refreshing and would have taken a dip if I had my swimsuit.

Coos Canyon – of Rte17 in Byron. And it is no wonder that a snooze was well-received back at The Cabin after a great touring day. Poor Franklin! he too must be rather tired. The beautiful nature in ME makes it all worth with these long drives. Glad that my hiking buddies arrived back safe&sound even when it was nearly midnight after 16hrs on the AT.

Tue: places en route to Farmington – Rumford, is home to both Catalyst Paper’s Rumford Mill and the Black Mountain of Maine ski resort.

Thru’ Dixfield, Wilton & Mexico, ME – besides Mexico, there is also China & Peru here but did not have a chance to visit.

Lunched@Homestead, Farmington – OK lobster salad and good lobster bisque, US$36 S$49.

Churches and library.

Excited about learning and observing maple syrup in the making@Maple Hill Farm.

Thank you for the vanilla ice-cream with warm maple-syrup and to Bruce for showing us their sap-house – a good place to be during winters! Appreciations to Franklin for driving. Lovely night sleeping to the raindrops and hopeful for a short hike tomorrow.

Road Blazing 2018

16 Jul 2018 – NC, VA, WV, PA, NY, CT, MA, VT, NH&ME

Thu: leaving WilkesboroNC 0930hrs, arr 1200n to Wiggs@BlacksburgVA to pick her up.

Continued with a slight detour to check out Woodside Farm which formally belonged to Kenneth Wherman’s family (JessicaLee’s husband/HiHills&Franklin’s son-in-law). Passing by New Market/VA to join the main road again.

Interesting places of worship and traffic back-ups at a few places on I-81 due to road constructions.

@The Millworks Harrisberg/PA

Yummy dinner – fried green tomatoes, trout and cobbler. Arr 22.30hrs@Red Roof Inn, Wilkes Barre Arena/PA US$80 shared with Wiggs, US$40pp where we were all ready to call it the day.

13th Fri: 0900hrs, sharing a good omelette+extra avocado with Wiggs@IHop before heading back to the highway. Irresistible fresh produce – blueberry-pie,  honey, plums, sweetcorn by gas station.

PA Welcome Center

On I-84E by passing Hartford/CT (Waterbury Golden Dome?) detour off the interstate by fate! to capture the above pix.

VT Welcome Center – nice location with a fund-raising for a swim-team.

Hello ME – passing Bethlehem and a drive-in movie with personality where I had to take a leak behind this white building. Arr@The Cabin, Andover 1900hrs.

Sat: appreciations to Honey&Bear and good to see them again here@The Cabin.

Glad to see the group again@The Cabin when we can enjoy the world’s best blueberry pancakes – the secret is in the batter!


Wiggs attempting to flip those pancakes. HiHills&Lizard helping with the cleaning and freezing of the rhubarb.

While Lizard, Pac-Man, Pokey&Wiggs were hiking, HiHills&Franklin and I dropped the car to the trail-head@S Arm Rd and drove on to Richardson Lake.

Playing tourist in Andover was fun – Main St, First Congregational Church across the road from the Town Hall.

Good lobster salad lunch@Little Red Hen. HiHills had a yummy HaddockChowder which I had a taste and Franklin had LobsterBLT with fries.

MillsMarket (was told that in has been in this family for 4generations), some beautiful private property on Main St, School@PineSt.

Library (originally a church), PostOffice, Tiger-Lilly in full bloom, TinyHouse for rent.

LoveJoy Covered Bridge.

Random pix from the walkabout.

Sun: 16mi to grocery&lobsters shopping@Rumford.


A massage with Donna but she does not remember that she gave me a massage in 2005!  With full schedules and the only masseur in this area, how can she remember? As for me, I remembered it well as that was the day after I fell. Kodak moments for this old gas station across the road from her.


The long anticipated infamous Surt&Turf dinner@The Cabin and well worth the wait.


Group pix credits to Daniel/PacMan, Pokey’s grandson.

A woman should never be seen eating or drinking, unless it be lobster salad and Champagne, the only true feminine and becoming viands ― George Gordon Byron


12 Jul 2018 – Greyhound & Automobile

Tue: tkx to #1 for driving me to the Greyhound Station in Columbia. She is a good driver and also a quick way to earn some pocket money by paying her to drive me instead of getting a cab or UberApp 2hrs ride from Columbia-Charlotte – en route to the AT in ME to join HiHills, Pokey&Lizard to do a support hike.

Charlotte/NC, (2hrs layover) to catch another bus (about 1+hr ride) to WinstonSalem.

Greyhound and bus station across Main St/Downtown North Historic District@WS

Appreciations to Franklin for a tour of Old Salem, historic district of WS – a restored Moravian community which shows the culture of the Moravian settlement in NC during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Campus of Salem College and Academy

WS – Main St/Avenue of the Arts,

interesting insects! on the wall; Mast General Store with this Chaco bench!

Good Southern dinner@Sweet Potatoes: starter – green fried tomatoes&okra with a yummy sweet potato dip;  main – cat-fish with grids&spicy greens; dessert – sweet potato pudding & strawberry-key-lime pie.

Wed: Wilkesboro/NC – tkx to HiHills&Franklin for putting me up in their lovely home and for driving. Not sure how much I will be able to blog or to be online when on the road and the trail starting tomorrow until 23Jul, but will surely update when possible.

Environmentalists have a very conflicted relationship with their cars – Tom Arnold


Wilkesboro was founded in 1800. Behind this former Court-House, now Heritage Museum was a ClevelandOak tree, grew possibly 3centuries and was used as a hanging tree for at least 5Tories during the fall of 1779. Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church is a historic church built in 1849-50 by a man named Dameron for $1040.

Tom Dula (Dooley), from Wilkes County a Confederate veteran was tried and hanged for the murder of his fiancee, Laura Foster. Many people were convinced that one of Dula’s jealous ex-girlfriends murdered Foster, and that Dula was innocent of the crime. Dula’s story was turned into a top-selling ballad in 1958 by the Kingston Trio, the song was entitled Hang Down Your Head, Tom Dooley. The story was subsequently turned into a 1959 movie starring Michael Landon as Dula, and each summer the Wilkes Playmakers present a popular play based on the story.

A Full Weekend

9 Jul 2018 – Packed With Activities

Fri: TGIF and such a fun day@Riverbanks Zoo&Garden. Have always liked this zoo and today was exceptionally a good one with #3,4&5. Thanks to Cindy for her pass and managed to save US$70 for the 3kids+1senior. Good pizza lunch@Tuskers to fill their stomachs to last for the afternoon.

Started our tour indoors due to the humidity&heat and an excellent choice by the kids. We managed to spent nearly 2hrs@Aquarium Reptile Complex, a 20,000-sq-ft (1,900 m-sq) building where #3 impressed me with his knowledge about many of the inhabitants here.

For those who know me also know my phobic for snakes, but today somehow I managed to capture pix of nearly all the snakes housed here – RatSnake, SC Copperhead, Vietnamese-LongNose, GaboonViper+many more not posted here. Even charmed the KingCobra out of its jar. Was told by a couple of others who are regulars here for the past 20yrs that it seldom leaves the jar and today it was a privilege to see it out all the way.

Strangely enough, was standing in front of the glass when the KingCobra pop its head out, had a staring contest and asked with both my eyes and lips for it to come out! Very surprisingly there was no fear in me, but just fascinated at how it slithered so gracefully and quietly out of the jar, was totally amazed at the length! No, still not a fan of snakes and if not for the thick and hopefully unbreakable glass, would not be near these reptiles!

By the time we got out away from the snakes, the grounds outside seemed to have had a visit from some passing showers and thus cooling off a little but still humid. Breathing thru’my mouth where the penguins are housed! but they are cute and can really swim fast The movie HappyFeet came to mind.

Victoria Crown Pigeon has impressive head feathers and they are the largest pigeons in the world – my first sighting of one.

The highlight was the CA Sea-Lion, especially with the younger ones who can still enjoy running&playing with the mammal to see who can move faster! Seemed like the sea-lion also enjoyed their Happy Feet. It was such fun and more so since we were the only ppl there. Not surprisingly so, as it was closing time and we were not aware until the guard told us that we had to find out way out to the exit!!

Some random shots – this is so far the best zoo visit for me and that says a lot as I am not a zoo fan! Perhaps it was bc there was no crowds and we were indoors away from the heat.

Sat: Soda City on Main St and never too young or old for balloons or glass sculptures with Chihuly@the museum.

Tkx to Cindy for yummy pizza@Persona Wood Fired Pizzeria.

Watching the kids with their secret sign language at the State House, and somehow it will not surprise me if #5 decides to go into politics, but hopefully NOT

Hanging 2014 – most unusual piece of work, but it served its purpose when we needed a place to sit for our boiled-peanuts (a Southern thing!) break. Was lucky to buy the last package before their closing.

First time@Columbia Marionette Theatre (CMT) founded 1988 by famed puppeteer Allie Scollon and her son John.

They did a good job with Beauty&the Beast. Another form of art I do enjoy is the art of quality puppetry. We are all but puppets but some of us are aware and see the strings!

Sun: 01.45hrs picked up #1 from her trip@camp and good to have her safely home. While Cindy and the kids were at church and at her place for the afternoon, took the time to make 2dinners. L&J will be home tonight and do need some calm time to focus on getting ready to head to ME on Tue.


Mon: packing here and since was not planning on hiking this year, have that left most of the hiking gears in SIN. Hopefully will be able to borrow from both HiHills&Wiggs. This will be as close as I can get a shot of a Cardinal. A few days ago, found these feathers by the lake and #3 saw a head of a Cardinal. Seemed like a hawk had got the rest of it. Today, the neighbour’s cat could not be found, but they saw traces of blood&fur on the driveway.

4th July 2018

5 Jul 2018 – Library & Park

Mon: Zuno brought in another baby Eastern-Box turtle. According to #3 this is another one from the usual one Zuno normally brings in – presumably #3 will recognise it as he usually washes away Zuno’s slobber before releasing it back in the yard. Tired to feed it, but does not seem too hungry or maybe it is too terrified!

Edited Sun25Apr2021: just read&learnt this and hope that Zuno has stopped fetching turtles a Box turtle only roams 1 mile its whole life? If it is removed from its area/home then for the rest of its life it will roam aimlessly stressed out… trying to find “home” until it dies a very sad death.

Please do not remove turtles. Do not take them home as pets. If one is injured please mark the exact spot found for the wildlife center. If a turtle is in the road you can help by moving it directly across the street in the direction it was heading. Thank you!
I post this every few month because it’s not really known. Many people think it is harmless to let their children take home a docile turtle to play with and release it someplace they see appropriate. I was once that kid. Please share the knowledge.

Tue: #3,4&5 out blueberry picking with L while I ran a few errands before she takes off this afternoon to join J in Cyprus. He is there for a conference and since I am here, a good chance for them to spend some quality time after the conference – they need some time together away from the kids and far away from this environment.

#2 baked this yummy blueberry (self-picked) lemon pound cake for tomorrow.

A busy afternoon starting@Lexington County Public Library System – Irmo Branch. The kids and I borrowed 2books pp, but at this rate not sure if I will have the time to read them, and if not will extend the loan-time to take them to ME next week. 

Often I am happy and yet I want to cry
For no heart fully shares my joy.
Often I am sorrowful yet have to laugh,
That no one shall my fearful tear behold – BS Ingeman

A revisit to Irmo Community Park, last visit in 2014 and found the 2017 draft posting which was to be posted but did not find the right time and now is the time after a revisit.

The playground has 5 surveillance cameras now. We enjoyed this park and the surroundings and had a good time there then and now and will return another time.

Have been wanting to stop to take pix of this wooden church on the main road as you enter the road leading to the park. Being not too focus, not the best angle but better than none. Prayers and thoughts went out to all in&surrounding the cave in Thailand.

May 2017 – Unhappy & Upset

Usually am not the kind to complain or find faults in this world or my life, but in this case, am extremely disappointed and frustrated in this situation where the system enables such to happen, and that there are people who abuse and mis-use their knowledge&power to make it happen.

Sometime ago I received an email from a lawyer here in CAE/SC who wanted my permission to use the pix I posted in 5May 2014 blog posting. Since this was L&J’s territory I referred on to them and they explained the situation.

Sadly some kid died from a fallen branch in this park and this lawyer wants to sue the county for negligence? about the upkeep of the park or something to that extent?? Seemingly the lawyer has been bothering L&J for some time and that I was not aware of until now!

The above pix is the one they wanted and my blog also states that –

Unauthorized use or duplication of this material without written permission from this blog’s owner is prohibited 

Remembered that day so well as it was such beautiful day and was so impressed that the county has taken the effort to provide such a fantastic space in lovely nature with nice play-grounds for the public to enjoy.

Anyone knowing me also knows that any info or pix posted by me are NEVER meant to be use with ill-intentions or malice and this has tremendously bothered me that someone is trying or going to use my pix without my permission for a action I consider unethical, indecent and immoral and on top of it all – GREED.

31May 2017: $3.6 Million Settlement for Family of Boy Killed by Falling Branch – Irmo, SC (WLTX)

Beautiful sunset on the lake with the boys trying to catch fish for dinner – will starve if my food source depended on them 🙂

Wed: Happy 4th. Congratulations to #2 & the IrmoHighSchool Team for the Born In The USA Race. Race pix credits to Alex & Elizabeth. Cindy took the kids for lunch and a movie while I got food&drinks ready to take down to the lake for the afternoon and evening.

Was on the crowded side in the afternoon, but still enough room for building sand-resort!

The crowds thinned out just before dinner time and #2 made an appearance with her friend Zoey to watch her bro set up fireworks at the dock, the safest place to be doing this!

Another 4thJuly and another sand-castle gone with another sunset.
Tomorrow is another day and come what may.

Thu: need a day to rest before a full weekend of activities ahead…

Hello July 2018

2 Jul 2018 – ByeBye June

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all – safe trip to Jeff who took off to Cyprus for a conference and to LInn who drove off to the SugarMts. Those who watched Incredibles 2 would have seen Bao. Like many other cultures, the Asians are complex and complicated and it is difficult to explain something that gets lost in translation, especially for those who have not grown up, integrated or lived in&with the another culture.

Sat: new toys for the lake while workmen were sweating in this heat installing new lights around the dock area. Will be nice with lights here in the evenings. Happy Canada Day️ to all celebrating.

Amazing white-flowering Crepe Myrtle trees against a beautiful sky. The various colours of this flowering tree are just absolutely lovely. Was thinking of viewing the fireworks (which I am still having some self on-going issues about!) tonight, but after 5hrs by the lake today with #3,4&5 forget that thought!! Heard the fireworks going and Zuno went crazy barking. Memories of Gator who used to hide in the bathroom whenever the fireworks went off.

Used to be a fan of fireworks in my youth, but now over the years, also being the devil’s advocate – imagine what one can do with the money used for the fireworks around the world and not to forget the pollution…

And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light – 2 Corinthians 11:14

Sun: hello Jul – it was strange to see #1 off to camp, even when it is only for a week! Peter Rabbit was out to wish her a safe and happy trip. She will be missed. Thank goodness Cindy is back from her EUtrip and she took #3,4&5 for the day! Got Sun dinner ready for #2,3,4&5+Linn who is back from FL and Cindy. Dinners made here are usually for at least 5+ppl.

Jul dates to remember:

4 Happy 4th to USA

14 Happy Bday Keith and Happy Bastille Day/France

17 Happy Bday Nancy Bowman

19 Happy 21st Anniversary Linn&Jeff

20 Happy Bday David Yeoh

21 Happy Bday Albert Chua

22 Happy Anniversary Dika&Mark

23 Happy Bdays James & Lucas

25 Happy Bday Winnie/CA