Hello July 2018

2 Jul 2018 – ByeBye June

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all – safe trip to Jeff who took off to Cyprus for a conference and to LInn who drove off to the SugarMts. Those who watched Incredibles 2 would have seen Bao. Like many other cultures, the Asians are complex and complicated and it is difficult to explain something that gets lost in translation, especially for those who have not grown up, integrated or lived in&with the another culture.


Sat: new toys for the lake while workmen were sweating in this heat installing new lights around the dock area. Will be nice with lights here in the evenings. Happy Canada Day️ to all celebrating.

Amazing white-flowering Crepe Myrtle trees against a beautiful sky. The various colours of this flowering tree are just absolutely lovely. Was thinking of viewing the fireworks (which I am still having some self on-going issues about!) tonight, but after 5hrs by the lake today with #3,4&5 forget that thought!! Heard the fireworks going and Zuno went crazy barking. Memories of Gator who used to hide in the bathroom whenever the fireworks went off.

Used to be a fan of fireworks in my youth, but now over the years, also being the devil’s advocate – imagine what one can do with the money used for the fireworks around the world and not to forget the pollution…

And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light – 2 Corinthians 11:14

Sun: hello Jul – it was strange to see #1 off to camp, even when it is only for a week! Peter Rabbit was out to wish her a safe and happy trip. She will be missed. Thank goodness Cindy is back from her EUtrip and she took #3,4&5 for the day! Got Sun dinner ready for #2,3,4&5+Linn who is back from FL and Cindy. Dinners made here are usually for at least 5+ppl.

Jul dates to remember:

4 Happy 4th to USA

14 Happy Bday Keith and Happy Bastille Day/France

17 Happy Bday Nancy Bowman

19 Happy 21st Anniversary Linn&Jeff

20 Happy Bday David Yeoh

21 Happy Bday Albert Chua

22 Happy Anniversary Dika&Mark

23 Happy Bdays James & Lucas

25 Happy Bday Winnie/CA