A Full Weekend

9 Jul 2018 – Packed With Activities

Fri: TGIF and such a fun day@Riverbanks Zoo&Garden. Have always liked this zoo and today was exceptionally a good one with #3,4&5. Thanks to Cindy for her pass and managed to save US$70 for the 3kids+1senior. Good pizza lunch@Tuskers to fill their stomachs to last for the afternoon.

Started our tour indoors due to the humidity&heat and an excellent choice by the kids. We managed to spent nearly 2hrs@Aquarium Reptile Complex, a 20,000-sq-ft (1,900 m-sq) building where #3 impressed me with his knowledge about many of the inhabitants here.

For those who know me also know my phobic for snakes, but today somehow I managed to capture pix of nearly all the snakes housed here – RatSnake, SC Copperhead, Vietnamese-LongNose, GaboonViper+many more not posted here. Even charmed the KingCobra out of its jar. Was told by a couple of others who are regulars here for the past 20yrs that it seldom leaves the jar and today it was a privilege to see it out all the way.

Strangely enough, was standing in front of the glass when the KingCobra pop its head out, had a staring contest and asked with both my eyes and lips for it to come out! Very surprisingly there was no fear in me, but just fascinated at how it slithered so gracefully and quietly out of the jar, was totally amazed at the length! No, still not a fan of snakes and if not for the thick and hopefully unbreakable glass, would not be near these reptiles!

By the time we got out away from the snakes, the grounds outside seemed to have had a visit from some passing showers and thus cooling off a little but still humid. Breathing thru’my mouth where the penguins are housed! but they are cute and can really swim fast The movie HappyFeet came to mind.

Victoria Crown Pigeon has impressive head feathers and they are the largest pigeons in the world – my first sighting of one.

The highlight was the CA Sea-Lion, especially with the younger ones who can still enjoy running&playing with the mammal to see who can move faster! Seemed like the sea-lion also enjoyed their Happy Feet. It was such fun and more so since we were the only ppl there. Not surprisingly so, as it was closing time and we were not aware until the guard told us that we had to find out way out to the exit!!

Some random shots – this is so far the best zoo visit for me and that says a lot as I am not a zoo fan! Perhaps it was bc there was no crowds and we were indoors away from the heat.

Sat: Soda City on Main St and never too young or old for balloons or glass sculptures with Chihuly@the museum.

Tkx to Cindy for yummy pizza@Persona Wood Fired Pizzeria.

Watching the kids with their secret sign language at the State House, and somehow it will not surprise me if #5 decides to go into politics, but hopefully NOT

Hanging 2014 – most unusual piece of work, but it served its purpose when we needed a place to sit for our boiled-peanuts (a Southern thing!) break. Was lucky to buy the last package before their closing.

First time@Columbia Marionette Theatre (CMT) founded 1988 by famed puppeteer Allie Scollon and her son John.

They did a good job with Beauty&the Beast. Another form of art I do enjoy is the art of quality puppetry. We are all but puppets but some of us are aware and see the strings!

Sun: 01.45hrs picked up #1 from her trip@camp and good to have her safely home. While Cindy and the kids were at church and at her place for the afternoon, took the time to make 2dinners. L&J will be home tonight and do need some calm time to focus on getting ready to head to ME on Tue.


Mon: packing here and since was not planning on hiking this year, have that left most of the hiking gears in SIN. Hopefully will be able to borrow from both HiHills&Wiggs. This will be as close as I can get a shot of a Cardinal. A few days ago, found these feathers by the lake and #3 saw a head of a Cardinal. Seemed like a hawk had got the rest of it. Today, the neighbour’s cat could not be found, but they saw traces of blood&fur on the driveway.