Road Blazing 2018

16 Jul 2018 – NC, VA, WV, PA, NY, CT, MA, VT, NH&ME

Thu: leaving WilkesboroNC 0930hrs, arr 1200n to Wiggs@BlacksburgVA to pick her up.

Continued with a slight detour to check out Woodside Farm which formally belonged to Kenneth Wherman’s family (JessicaLee’s husband/HiHills&Franklin’s son-in-law). Passing by New Market/VA to join the main road again.

Interesting places of worship and traffic back-ups at a few places on I-81 due to road constructions.

@The Millworks Harrisberg/PA

Yummy dinner – fried green tomatoes, trout and cobbler. Arr 22.30hrs@Red Roof Inn, Wilkes Barre Arena/PA US$80 shared with Wiggs, US$40pp where we were all ready to call it the day.

13th Fri: 0900hrs, sharing a good omelette+extra avocado with Wiggs@IHop before heading back to the highway. Irresistible fresh produce – blueberry-pie,  honey, plums, sweetcorn by gas station.

PA Welcome Center

On I-84E by passing Hartford/CT (Waterbury Golden Dome?) detour off the interstate by fate! to capture the above pix.

VT Welcome Center – nice location with a fund-raising for a swim-team.

Hello ME – passing Bethlehem and a drive-in movie with personality where I had to take a leak behind this white building. Arr@The Cabin, Andover 1900hrs.

Sat: appreciations to Honey&Bear and good to see them again here@The Cabin.

Glad to see the group again@The Cabin when we can enjoy the world’s best blueberry pancakes – the secret is in the batter!


Wiggs attempting to flip those pancakes. HiHills&Lizard helping with the cleaning and freezing of the rhubarb.

While Lizard, Pac-Man, Pokey&Wiggs were hiking, HiHills&Franklin and I dropped the car to the trail-head@S Arm Rd and drove on to Richardson Lake.

Playing tourist in Andover was fun – Main St, First Congregational Church across the road from the Town Hall.

Good lobster salad lunch@Little Red Hen. HiHills had a yummy HaddockChowder which I had a taste and Franklin had LobsterBLT with fries.

MillsMarket (was told that in has been in this family for 4generations), some beautiful private property on Main St, School@PineSt.

Library (originally a church), PostOffice, Tiger-Lilly in full bloom, TinyHouse for rent.

LoveJoy Covered Bridge.

Random pix from the walkabout.

Sun: 16mi to grocery&lobsters shopping@Rumford.


A massage with Donna but she does not remember that she gave me a massage in 2005!  With full schedules and the only masseur in this area, how can she remember? As for me, I remembered it well as that was the day after I fell. Kodak moments for this old gas station across the road from her.


The long anticipated infamous Surt&Turf dinner@The Cabin and well worth the wait.


Group pix credits to Daniel/PacMan, Pokey’s grandson.

A woman should never be seen eating or drinking, unless it be lobster salad and Champagne, the only true feminine and becoming viands ― George Gordon Byron

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