Last 2018 Weekend In SC

30 Jul 2018 – Leaving With A Heavy Heart

Thu: running errands before thinking about packing! Returning library books (0.80c penalty for 2books and 2days late) and clothes to  charity. Great catching up with the Barbara&Justin. Calamari&Bruschetta starters followed by Soft-shell crabs@Alodia’s with a Bellini to celebrate this last Thu dinner in the US.  Truly blessed with the best family&friends like the Lufurnos who are very special ppl to me – their kindness by letting my family stay in their parents’ condo after the house fire will always be appreciated and remembered.

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. Saw this below posting. SIN and Norway on top of the list – explains why I like being there! Bolivia, Sierra Leone, Botswana are at the bottom of this list and countries I have not been…,

Getting foods ready for the weekend and it will be another year (ie if I live to see another year 🙂 ) before I make food for this family again –  Curry shrimps, Bourbon SalmonIrish-creamed potato+mushroom&fresh fruits.

Sat: congratulations to dear grand-nephew SuiChang for his marriage, welcome Mrs Lam to the family – will update with name when back in SIN. All the very best to them and might even be blessed to see a new generation! Waiting to hear what the colour will be for the new generation! So far brown has been suggested by niece JenLeng. Pix credits to another dear grandnephew, KeeYang. L-R: LAM JenMum, ANG KeeYang, SiewKeng, ANG QiYing, 2sis-in-law,  LAM SuiChang&his bride, LAM JenLeng&MrANG, MayvenLEE&LAM JenWee. This is 2bro’s (may he RIP) branch in the family tree.

#5 belated Bday Party@Lake Murray – not that easy to get my whole flock together. Jeff is on call today! Will try later before I take off!! 


Rub-a-dub dub, too many boys in the tub – boys will be boys and glad to be able to be here to capture them all having such fun. And grandma will be grandma and she sure likes taking pix, especially candid shorts 🙂

Anna, Tiffany & Tai with their boys and Rich with his 2girls. These kids sure make me feel old. It really did not seemed that long ago when we babysat baby Cody when Tiffany had to go for her haircut after giving birth. He is now 14 and has a great sense of humour.

Stayed indoors in the AC with the hormonal teenagers, #1&2, Cody, Tyler including the dog! This must be the most expensive US$20 S$27 treat I have ever gotton for any dog – Prairie DogTreat/Antier Elk Horn, organic and was told that it should last for months. Will need the kids to let me know how long it will last…

Managed to gather the flock together for dinner@TopChinaBuffet with Tiffany&her boys. Bday boy here is hidden behind #4 in this pix, but they are all here. My only rule to all buffets is – they can take whatever and however much they like, but NO food wastage. The kids like it here as they can eat as much ice cream as they want. For 11ppl the price is not too bad, US$85 S$115 including 10%discount.

Sun; breaks my heart to see someone heading to the misguided dark path in their life’s journey. While the family is at church today, hopes, prayers and thoughts that the light will guide their footsteps thru’ the tunnel of darkness back to the light.


Mon: my least favourite thing to do – but pack I must. Here are pix to remind me what I have stored with L&J but will probably forget again this time next year…


Tkx to L&J for storing my stuff so that I am able to travel with a small bag and my own self-made tag!+a Ultralight bag-pack, ie no check-in luggage.  Should really have a tag that say  I wish I could remember MY name&where I am going –  lol

牽馬到河邊容易,逼馬飲水難。(意指為他人做某事創造條件易,使其做某事難)You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink – as the Chinese saying goes!

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