Hello August 2018

4 Aug 2018 – Hello Toronto

Tue: tkx to Linn for driving me to CAE airport. Is this grasshopper is trying to tell me something? Someone nearly sat on it but I managed to give some warning and perhaps it is trying to thank me! Flights were delayed due to bad weathers, also was not aware that a visa was needed for Canada C$7 S$7.40. Appreciations to this young man@AmericanA for his excellent service by helping me to get the visa and to re-book flights. Better getting stuck here than@DCA airport. Considering everything, have been lucky, if I got on the flight, would not have been allowed to enter into Canada! CAE-YYX US$140 S$191.

Did not want to bother the family. A restful night in a clean room@ClarionInn US$70 S$95 including breakfast+shuttle service from and to the airport is the best decision in this case!

Wed: back to the airport and as usual gave myself time to enjoy the serenity here. There is a piano here now and it is even in tuned (tested it!). Like the light effect with all these glass roofs but am glad that I do not have to be in charge of the cleaning!!

Those white rocking chairs are my favourite features, they are so typically Southern. Flight took off 11.15hrs on schedule to Charlotte/NC with this K9 on board.

With just enough time to buy lunch to take on board connecting with flight to Toronto/Canada. Arr 15.15 on time to catch the UP Express into Union Sta C$6.20 S$6.50. Tkx to cousin Yun for meeting me and good to see her.

Thu: lovely morning walk in the neighbourhood – just cannot get enough of these beautiful stained-glass windows for the house numbers on this street.

The Bruce Kidd Track/RegentPark, all very new and still under construction.


Interesting sport – Bubble Soccer

Alfresco sitting area surrounded by beautiful flowers@Wendy’s and a trendy coffee joint, SumachExpresso.

Modern sculptures near LakeOntario. Did not manage to stay fully dry threading thru’ this fountain – hahaha 🙂

Lunched@SukhoThai where we shared a padThai and it was more than enough.

What a sensible use of these spaces under the highway – basketball court, playgrounds, gatherings, artsy murals, etc…

CF TorontoEatonCentre, HudsonBay&SaksFifthAvenue – from one glass-roof airport to another glass-roof shopping center. Nice window shopping experience and ended up with a packet of dental-floss as that was the only thing I needed. Somehow at this stage in life, there is not much one needs. But wanting is another matter and for me wanting is hardly in my vocabulary.

Chocolates and eclairs are too beautiful to end up in a stomach, so for the eyes only!

How I wished all my problems were just a piece of cake. Eat it entirely and then it’s all gone ― Joe Mari Fadrigalan


Fri: TGIF and a sweet weekend to all. Corktown – not long ago was a not so desirable area, but now things are different after Google has decided this area for their IT-city. Enjoying&relaxing in Yun’s lovely backyard which she and her friends have created. Charming nightbourhood pub, but remember to read the fine print 🙂 St Bartholomew’s Anglican Church/Regent Park.


Dinner@Kanpai SnackBar – Taiwanese Restaurant located in the historical neighbourhood of Cabbagetown. 


The food was good but tasted more fusion to me. They messed up one of our orders, took forever to get it corrected, but we got a complimentary dish for their mistake!

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