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26 Jul 2018 – For One More Week

Sun: breakfast@Dutch Kitchen Restaurant Frackville/PA before hitting the road. Wiggs and I had a Mimosa for vitaminC ration 🙂 and to celebrate our time together before going our separate ways.

Picked up HIHills’s car@TrailAngel Marion/VA who was out to feed us in 2005. Dropped Lizard at some junction in VA where she was picked up by her partner and Wiggs@her home in Blacksburg VA.

Stopped to communicate for directions and it was strange to recognize one of the Greyhound’s stop by McD – trying to remember which trip it was when I was here ?2015? Welcomed by a beautiful rainbow (showers and sunshine on the whole drive) and 2 cute rabbits in NC. Most appreciative to Glenda&Franklin for driving up&down this trip to ME.

Mon: Happy to Bdays #5 (7) and to grandnephew Lucas in SIN.

Paying respect to a legend Tom Dula/Dooley in Wilkesboro/NC, who was hung for murder – my thought is that he was innocent! Appreciations to HiHillsFranklin for finding the location and driving me there. Strangely enough the roosters at the nearby farm all started to crow when we were got to the gravestone, even though it was past 1400hrs and they stopped when we left!! Wonder what our other hiker buddy MoFo will make out of it 🙂 🙂

A lovely short drive by the YadkinRiver drive thru’ these Kudzu invasive plants which look very green but rather eerie. The Crepe Myrtles on the other hand, look delightful, even when pix is not sharp!

Blessed to have G&F crossing this life’s journey and for their being. Dinning on their lovely designers’ cast-iron furniture in their bed-room patio to end this wonderful trip to&from ME. Looks like Franklin is having second thoughts on my home cooked Bourbon Salmon – lol


Enjoying their lovely garden before I have to take off – was told that it was unusual to have 3humming birds together at the same feed!! My first encounter with a Weeping Norway Spruce

Tue: 0945hrs bus from Wilkesboro-WinstonSalem/NC in heavy rains with a good driver app 1hr drive, on schedule and uneventful. The WS bus station has a nice map on the floor with interesting ppl here!

App 4hrs delayed in WS and no big deal and glad to have lunch again@SweetPotato and fun wander around the artsy area near the station. The Greyhound customer service here was good today and was willingly to store my luggage and came to update me with info regarding the delay.

Seems like the sculptures here like to be on the rooftops or on the wall which makes it difficult to get eye-contact with! Managed to do all the gifts shopping@MastGeneralStore.

1700hr – took off in a bus without air towards Charlotte/NC and it was either that or wait another 5hrs! 2hrs was not that bad, but there were definitely some ppl upset and all kinds of language&drama on this trip! Did not help with the bumper-bumper traffic getting into Charlotte in the bus without air! Cloud gazing usually have a calm effect on me. All’s well that ends well, there was another bus with air and the 1+hr ride to Columbia/SC was smooth&uneventful arr 2100hrs. Tkx to Linn for picking me up.

Wed: a day to rest and reflect feeling so appreciative&grateful to my hiking friends who have helped to make another wonderful trip with good memory to cherish.

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