19 Aug 2018 – Port Of Newcastle

Fri: TGIF, my last Fri in Canada. Breezy morning walk with these Canadian geese. Path to the lighthouse is private and no trespassers allowed! How did this private cottage get to be built right by the lake?

Looks like a huge mansion across from the marine – idiot-proof camera not good enough to get a sharper zoom-image.

Brig Restaurant and Marine – but why the USA flag??

Waterfront Trail to the Admiral’s Walk Clubhouse surrounded by new constructions.

Accidentally stepped on this tiny snail, size of a S$1coin – still no excuse for not looking, plx forgive me! A good weekend to all.

Tkx to Yun for driving me to Lakeshore Rd to this mansion for a closer look&shot at the resident of Kirk Kemp, owner of Algoma Orchard. View from the lighthouse of this mansion is such a different dimension.

For 100+yrs, the Gibson&Kemp families have been growing premium apples @AlgomaOrchards. In the Gourmet Country Market, apples in traditional varieties like McIntosh, Red, Golden Delicious, Empire, Idared, Spartan, Crispin and new additions like Honeycrisp, Gala, Ambrosia totaling to 28+varieties.

View back to the lighthouse by the Waterfront Trail. Would have walked back by the lakefront if I did not know that the marine there does not allow that route unless I can walk on water!

Walked over this cute uncovered wooden bridge with a fast chugging train over the railway tracks across miles and miles of cornfield.

Sat: St George’s Anglican Church –  built in 1857, this church has 2 Tiffany stained-glass windows shipped from NYC and installed in 1904-05.

Newcastle Community Town Hall/King St – donated by Chester Massey in 1923 is a charming location which can be leased for special events.  Beautiful Hydrangeas on one side

Lovely flowers by the other side with a gazebo. Wesleyan Methodist Church (1867).

Minos arr and nice to see that he has not lost his ex-profession chef skills. But of course we all know where he learnt his basic and foundations! Tonight’s feast is another one to die for. Tkx to May for all her yummy cooking. Who knows when our paths will cross again, but until then may y’all be blessed with good health.


Sun: good food@Asian Legend, but too much MSG – had to drink a lot of  water the rest of the afternoon. Nice to catch up with Michael again (50yrs ago since we last met!) and to meet Philomena. Tkx to May&Lock and Yun for putting me up and for putting up with me. Last day here in Toronto and paying respects to 5thAuntie&Uncle, appreciations to Yun for driving.


Edited: reflections on Toronto’s new designs The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM, French: Musée royal de l’Ontario) and The Royal Conservatory of Music, branded as The Royal Conservatory intertwining with the old.


Personally I prefer them less dramatic like The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) (French: Musée des beaux-arts de l’Ontario) or even how the Church of Redeemer is situated against the newer background buildings, or our SIN National Museum.

I’m leavin’ on a jet plane
Don’t know when I’ll be back again – John Denver

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