Markedsdag 2017

8 May 2017 – A Wonderful Weekend With Family

Sat: somehow, managed to be here again on Markedsdag, – Hegdehaugsveien og Bogstadveien, the bi-annual sales that never failed to squeeze money out of me, especially@Sprell…

which I already checked out yesterday taking the tram to Pilestredet and walking across JosefinesGt where there are some interesting houses and sculptures on the corner of Bogstadveien.

The excuse to shop being that I can now do all the missing Birthdays and Christmas gifts 🙂 Got him this giant USA colouring map (6’x3’/11.8mx1m) for the whole family and his friends to colour as they are planning a USA road-trip for the summer.

May&I were there before 0900hrs to avoid the crowds and by 1045hrs we have had enough as the crowds were moving in.

Probably missing some good deals, but unable not handle the all these ppl Could not resist to post in this Batman-Mobil, but it was not easy to get in and out of it, hahaha!

Bought a black light-weight blazer at Moods of Norway at a sale price of NOR300/S$48. The clothing inside the shop were on 25% discount and the road-side items like the blazer were good deals (up to 70%discount) if you find something of your taste and size.

The sizes of some of the cars here are what I would like to have, but have been told that electrical cars are more expensive than the normal ones! Living in any city with decent public transportation, there is no need for a car!

Sun: a night and morning of rains cooling down and gathering most of the pollen, waking up to a less runny nose. The garden looks greener and fresher. The grill is up in the balcony. It took 3men for this new oval marble dinning table fitting perfectly here – good for the preparations of fattigmann julekaker! Slowly but surely, this house is getting its owners’ beautiful personalities.

Nice to see Ellen who will be 94 in Oct. She has lost weight and her hearing is poor, otherwise am impress with her mind, her interest in history and her upkeep of her family tree and garden which as usual has beautiful blooms. This must be one of the last pix of John before he passed on.


Mon: packing just a backpack to fly off to the US later today. No check-in luggage etc (a fee for everything extra, including food) on Norwegian Airlines (budget airlines)the basic fares from OSL-FLL-OSL US$350/S$488. Lucked out with these reasonable fares which fits perfectly into my dates for this year due to the medical check-up here in Norway. Beautiful day to be leaving OSL with the colourful flags all ready for the 17…

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