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11 May 2017 – Norwegian Airlines

downloadTue: bye for now, Olai but will be back next month and looking forward to seeing how much colours the USA-map has gotten before his USA road-trip. This beautiful sunset with the ski-jump in the far background reminds me of the sky in Munch’s Scream! (latest news about the sky on the link below).


Good 9hrs flight on Norwegian Airlines (budget airline) having 3 seats to myself and 3 screens to view movies (so-so selection), touch-screen to order F&B (by CCpayment of course!) and the route-map. This 787 Boeing Dreamliner is quite amazing – with a push of a button the windows can be darkened, but still not so effective as the old-fashion ones.

1900hrs on schedule into FLL, had to park on the tarmac and was bussed to the airport! So Spirit Airlines were the culprits as to why there were no jetways for our plane!! First time@US immigration where no questions as to how long I have been away from the US! Instead a lovely warm Welcome Home handsome smile. Made my day 🙂 A shared-cab to the hotel – waiting for transportation and dropping off the other person took more time than immigration.

3 LI Residents Charged In Fights At Florida Airport After Spirit Airlines Cancels Flights

Happy to be able to check into a clean room+attached bathroom@Ramada Hialeah/Miami Airport North (pix taken after checking out!). Was dead tired and hungry, but just a fast shower to wash away the airports&airplane dust and crashed.

Wed: up bright and early to soak in the bath tub. Welcome back to the world of plentiful and convenience. Time to head down the road for some breakfast and shopping. Hialeah is an area inhabited by Spanish speakers and many in the grocery store could not speak English. No problems getting what I needed at any of the stores, and No, yo no hablo español…

18765849_1728200840528505_3116556928503979834_nWhat a nice surprise to hear from Sammi – have not seen her for 20+yrs, ie when she was a little kid. Good of her to drive an hour to have dinner with me@Red Lobster. Lovely to catch up and hear about her life.

She is the only person I know of who has 2Bengal Cats as pets and also the first time I have heard of Bengal Cats looking like mini leopards! They are only kittens now, but she will have a handful when they reach full size.

Thu: soaked again in the tub this morning before heading out to the MIA Amtrak St. The luxury of a bath-tub, something I do not have! Contentedly on the train passing thru’ places flashing back a previous life in FL 🙂 When there is no rush, the train is definitely a pleasant way to travel. F&B I like ready-packed, a book, WiFi on board, comfortable&spacious seat, nap whenever my eyes are tired – what else can one ask for more where public transportation is concerned…

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