12 May 2017 – From MIA/FL To CAE/SC

Wed: 1150hr – MIA was the first station on this train journey. Station#14 1950hrs, hi to all my Orlando and 2015hrs hi Winter Park friends in the neighbourhood of station#15. Passing by on the Amtrak and was greeted by this glorious sunset. 2100hrs, DeLand station#16 – after that was too tired to keep tab of the stations and fell asleep.

Last heard on the announcement was that JAX will be in an hour and that the lights will be dimmed and no more announcements after 2200hrs. For REAL, but last heard in raised voices from 2men (1Caucasian and 1AfricianAmerican, about my age) just in front of me – see that line here, your butt is on my seat and you have crossed the line!!! And I who thought that the seats are quite spacious. That was when I decided to put on ear-plugs and eye-shades! Welcome on board the Amtrak 🙂 and believe me, experiences on the Grey Hound is another chapter… lol.

Thu: up about 0230hrs and did not have a clue as to which station but knew that we were somewhere in SC. By 0415hrs we pulled into CAE on a bright full moon night. Tkx Linn for arranging Albert, the cheerful Uber driver who got me safely here by 0500hrs. Thank goodness Zuno did not make too much noise – had a good 4hrs of a well-needed rest.

0930hrs: woke up to a quiet house, got a treat for Zuno to get him to post for me 🙂 Found these creative colourful mask – what a cheerful welcome! My precious family here certainly more than rocks and all that travel is worth the while.

Tonight starts one of the school year ending events – Ellie playing@The CrossRoads Cougar Orchestra year ending concert. Like her outfit for the theme from Peter Gunn by Henry Mancini, the finale piece with delightful appropriate drumming.

Bravo to Ms Murray for getting such a large group of strings in time&tune. Encore to the principal Mr Hutchinson for his drumming. Best of luck to their performance at Universal Studios next weekend.

Fri: TGIF – am worn-out just listening to Linn’s schedule for this weekend, unable to keep up or even remember! Jeff is on call, so I will stick around and make myself useful, ie do some laundry and cook for the family.

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