From Embarrassment To Icon

15 Feb 2019 – iLight Singapore 2019

Mon: today is the 7th day of the CNY traditionally known as Rénrì (人日, the common man’s birthday), is the day when everyone grows one year older. Enjoy your birthdays and a good week to start your PiggyYear. The Chinese character  Rén=human/person and when you add a bar across  =big. Lucy’s with sharp eyes commented – Man with the outstretched arms means da or big’ on my photoshop pix with a discreet white bar across; for me it is a reminder to keep learning&trying to be a bigger, ie better person for every 人日. Such fun learning Chinese.

Another enlightening&entertaining talk on Raffles – From Embarrassment To Icon, tkx to TP Barnard (NUS). For me to attend morning talks going from the EastC to ACM in town, means that I really want to be there! So far they have been well-worth the time. Appreciations to Yoshie for saving me a seat in this full-house audience. Always enjoy a durian ice-cream on thin wafers S$1 outside ACM by the river. Pix credits to Yoshie and tks to her for lunch@CC.

Dropped by to H&H to wish Peggy&Aileen a Happy CNY. A Journey of Happiness (HKG&Malaysia made movie)@Cathay Parkway. Nothing to write home about which might explain why I was the only one watching this movie!!

Tue: nice that this part of BoonTatSt by LauPaSat closes for traffic at 1900hrs every evening. Fascinating to watch how efficient everything was when the clock struck 7 on the dot, barracks were promptly in place at the junctions of RobinsonRd&ShentonWay, push-carts, tables&chairs were smoothly set-up and just before your eyes, the street turns into an amazing outdoor eating area. Been awhile since my last satay meal here.

Tkx to Clement for dinner and a short walk first to introduce Magnus to LeVel33+just a couple of the lights@iLight Festival, so far – Dune by DaanRoosegaarde/Netherland and TimeTraveller by EkoPrawoto/Indonesia. Will have to return another evening to wander about in these lights.

Wed: condolences to Ivy for the passing of her mom (99) known to us as porpor. May she RIP. Thoughts&prayers are with Les&Ivy, Patricia&family and Kat&family. The next few nights&days will be at the SIN Casket for the wake.

Thu: Happy Hearts Day on this 2019 10thCNYday. The origins of Valentine’s Day is a pagan festival, Rome’s Lupercalia, not as romantic as you would imagine! But love is blind and lust is innate! And there is a Anapgi=LoveCastle (for real) located in Gyeongju/S-Korea.

Lawrence arr from KCH to attend the wake&funeral and will be staying with me.


Fri: TGIF and Happy 40Bday to god-daughter Guri in Norway. Another day@SIN-Casket to support Les&Ivy+family for the loss of Ivy’s mom. More a celebration of life for her as she was blessed with a wonderful life surrounded and well-taken care by her love ones. Good to catch up with Ivy’s family from KL.

CNY 2019

10 Feb 2019 – Continuing The Celebrations

Fri: TGIF and a great weekend to all to start the Piggy-Year. Tkx Gel for her yummy home-made Kimchi. Her vOOkvision is one of the most flexible glasses which will stay securely on, tkx to the clever hooked-shape design frame. Most highly recommended for anyone needing glasses. To sign up for email alert on their launch of pre-orders or for any info&questions:

Sat: @CC to wish Calvin&staff a Happy CNY. They will be moving locations in Jun, so enjoying what is going on in that area today – honey tasting@SAM at 8Q.

Beyond any doubt for me, the King of 鱼生 YuiSang=raw fish. Tkx to Ivy&Les for including me to Jessie&Franks’s 28ingredients 捞起 LoHei. Missed it the last 2yrs! Again, starved all day to taste this dish so that the flavour can linger till the next tasting, whenever that may be!

Sun: needed today to rest for both the body&soul after over indulging with last night’s foods&wines. Somehow feeling rather nostalgic, tkx to these Then&Now postings by JeromeLim – The Long&Winding Road, one of the blogs I like following.

Where those row houses&the coconut tree (now BayHotel&TelokBlangahHouse) are in the B/W – the ice-cream man on bicycle used to ring his bell when he was by the palm trees in the early evenings.

Sharing these shots again taken from 5TemenggongRd (early 1950s, presuming that it is taken by my father?) towards then Wharf#8&Pulau Blakang Mati now VivoCity&Sentose (2014 taken by me).

Tkx Julie/NC,USA for sharing her lovely 2019 CNY family pix. Reminded be of the last 2006 CNY with L&M. Have not been together with my 2daughters for CNY since with just 2grandchildren then. Would be another dream come true if we could all get together with 6grandchildren for a CNY someday!

Thought that MarineParade Lunar New Year Charity Dinner 2019 was last night and that I would have a quiet evening tonight, but alas I was mistaken. What a huge turned out – I spied Yusof@GoH-Table looking very distinguished with his halo 🙂 Tkx to him for the explanation – last evening was for residents. This evening were comcare, the lesser fortunate, those from elderly homes within the GRC. Thus the 2 evenings.

Cousin Karen thought she spotted me in the group, and after enlarging the pix to give it a proper look, discovered what she saw and no – not me, was not at this dinner (stomach needs to rest) Wow! she has sharp eyes.

GoH-ESM GOH ChokTong – how convenient to be entertained by just leaving the door&windows open. And on the positive note, this common area downstairs was cleaned and quiet way before 2200hrs. Time for some zzz before another busy week ahead.

I’m a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds – Mike Tyson

Welcoming The Year Of The Pig

7 Feb 2019 – CNY Celebrations

Mon: Reunion dinner tkx to Ivy&Les for LoHei 捞起 – Cantonese-style raw fish salad, personal favourite taste is with fresh 西刀 Ikan-Parang Wolf-Herring, anything else is not the same! Do remember all the auspicious phrases as you add the fish&other ingredients into the salad.

Tue: 恭喜發財 Kung-Hei-Fat-Choy to each and everyone celebrating the CNY, Chinese/LunaNewYear. May the Year of the Pig bring you all Good Health, Happiness and Prosperity.

Greetings from some of the Green (sitting), Orange (standing – Kiera should have been in the front row with the PurpleG) &Purple (front row) generations from the LAM TinYue (BlueG) – at present, total of 71 (including those who passed on+spouses still in tact) from my father’s branch on this 1stDay for the Year of the Pig. Appreciations to Ivy&Les for their gracious hospitality and for teaching the younger generation the Art of BlackJack 🙂 Family group pix credits to MeiPin.

Bro-in-laws Michael&Khalid; god-sister, Pat’s son SengYee; nieces Pat&Sue, Adeline, LIMKimBeng (Albert’s bro-in-law). MichaelCHUA&fam (Albert’s bro) left before I could get a shot of them!


2above pix credits to David

Continued my visit to 4Sis-in-law who is under the weather and then to bro Steven@UMC, Queensway. Tkx to Daisy for prata@Springleaf PrataPlace (TheRailMall ) and a drink@EagleWingsLoft, KingAlbertMall. Since we were in the area, wanted to take them to CAMACA which was closed by the time we got there. Very seldom in this area and now suddenly twice within the week!!

Wed: CNY is also the start of the Spring Festival and this beautiful blossoming tree is at Kranji MRT Station. Not out there for any horse racing on this 2ndCNY day, but to visit 2Sis-in-law who lives with her 2nd-born&fam. Tkx for having me over and for her delicious home-cooking, especially her curry.

2nd bro, LAM KwokKiong’s (may he RIP) 4children, JenMun, Jenleng, JenWee&Steve and their families on the 1stCNY-day. At present 17total from here and more to be added as time goes by. Eldest grandnephew SuiChang recently got married and when they start their family, the new generation will be colour-coded Brown. It would be a dream come true if I am able to gather as many as possible together from the LAM TinYue’s branch for a family reunion. Above pix credits to JenLeng. 

If my calculations are correct, the total count ( including those who passed on+spouses in tact) from paternal grandfather LAM SongKee’s+3wives trunk to the branches, sub-branches, etc is 159 for today.

Thu: welcome Magnus back to SIN. Has it really been 7yrs ago when I first met him&the SMUexchange group? Always proud to show off how garbage&graffiti free SIN public areas can be. Underpass leading to EC Pk and a beautiful day to have a picnic brunch there. For someone from a maritime nation like Norway, even he is amazed with the all the ContainerShips in the background.

Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another –  Ernest Hemingway

Bukit Timah

3 Feb 2019 – Old Railway Station

Fri: discovered a new cinema – EagleWingsCinematics, an independent boutique cinema@KAP-Mall/KingAlbertPk on BukitTimahRdJulian&LisaTheng are co-founders of the EagleWingsGroup. Medical doctor and lawyer siblings wanted to create a lively and vibrant hub that could enrich the lives, wellness, and growth in this community. It was quite a treat to share this new cinema with just one other person! The senior ticket is S$5.50, 50cents more than the regular cinemas but well worth it.

CAMACA ice-cream&coffee joint is fascinating. Now I understand what they mean by No Scooping. Ice-cream in a capsule and being pressed out by a machine, thought they were large macaroons on first sight. Smooth&delicious and what a novelty. Excellent service from Silver (yes that is her name, asked twice and she ensured me that it is not Sylvia!), the young manager who also demonstrated how the machine works.

Storm Boy – a man tells the story of his boyhood, when he lived a lonely existence on an isolated coastline with his father and with an orphaned pelican who changed his life. He hopes to prevent his granddaughter from making the same mistakes he made – a beautiful movie on nature, animal&human bonding.

And everything lives on in their hearts – the wind-talk, the wave-talk, and the scribblings on the sand – Colin Thiele

Had some time to explore the area before getting caught in the rush-traffic! Behind the mall is this house which reminded me of 5Temenggong Rd. Heading to the bus-stop (some joker had fun with the sign!) to discover with joy that the old BkTimah railway station is just around the corner. Oh yes, definitely a detour to see the changes since the last visit there, 3yrs ago.

Hope that the station&sign will be restored when the MurnanePipelineProject is completed.

Crossed path with a native and 2teenage-boys&their dog.

Assuming that this was the station-master’s lodgings and hoping that too will be restored and that the big old trees will stay after all these constructions.

Had to cross the road to catch the bus, might as well do so on this bridge which is more pleasant than the overhead bridge parallel to this – looked like rush-traffic has started. Looking back without the buildings or trains, no matter how long I stop or how hard I look or listen! Sign post pix from 2013 UKc2cHike).

Making sure of some proper shots of this bridge, never know when or if there is a next time, but do hope to visit one more time when constructions and restorations are completed.

Sat: commemorating SIN bicentennial, Dr Green from the BritishMuseum is here@ACM presenting an interesting talk on Raffles’s Collection from Java – European Evidence of Civilisation. 

The question (which can also apply to many ppl) on this poster will really open a can of worms, but will not go into it unless reading&research are done thoroughly. If you have read the old history books about the scholar Raffles, then do read the newer books and you will find both the scholar&scoundrel. Such is life with all humans and there is always flip-side in all of us – Dr Jackel&MrHyde

The universal opinion (has been) that in places carried by assault, the army was entitled to make an immediate distribution of treasure&jewel – Raffles to Lord Minto

Bumped into Milly and good to see her, tkx to her for lunch@Privé/ACM, not often one is served with a rectangle quiche!!

Sun: looking forward and gathering up energy&strength for the CNY celebrations ahead!