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15 Feb 2019 – iLight Singapore 2019

Mon: today is the 7th day of the CNY traditionally known as Rénrì (人日, the common man’s birthday), is the day when everyone grows one year older. Enjoy your birthdays and a good week to start your PiggyYear. The Chinese character  Rén=human/person and when you add a bar across  =big. Lucy’s with sharp eyes commented – Man with the outstretched arms means da or big’ on my photoshop pix with a discreet white bar across; for me it is a reminder to keep learning&trying to be a bigger, ie better person for every 人日. Such fun learning Chinese.

Another enlightening&entertaining talk on Raffles – From Embarrassment To Icon, tkx to TP Barnard (NUS). For me to attend morning talks going from the EastC to ACM in town, means that I really want to be there! So far they have been well-worth the time. Appreciations to Yoshie for saving me a seat in this full-house audience. Always enjoy a durian ice-cream on thin wafers S$1 outside ACM by the river. Pix credits to Yoshie and tks to her for lunch@CC.

Dropped by to H&H to wish Peggy&Aileen a Happy CNY. A Journey of Happiness (HKG&Malaysia made movie)@Cathay Parkway. Nothing to write home about which might explain why I was the only one watching this movie!!

Tue: nice that this part of BoonTatSt by LauPaSat closes for traffic at 1900hrs every evening. Fascinating to watch how efficient everything was when the clock struck 7 on the dot, barracks were promptly in place at the junctions of RobinsonRd&ShentonWay, push-carts, tables&chairs were smoothly set-up and just before your eyes, the street turns into an amazing outdoor eating area. Been awhile since my last satay meal here.

Edited 18Apr :

Tkx to Clement for dinner and a short walk first to introduce Magnus to LeVel33+just a couple of the lights@iLight Festival, so far – Dune by DaanRoosegaarde/Netherland and TimeTraveller by EkoPrawoto/Indonesia. Will have to return another evening to wander about in these lights.

Wed: condolences to Ivy for the passing of her mom (99) known to us as porpor. May she RIP. Thoughts&prayers are with Les&Ivy, Patricia&family and Kat&family. The next few nights&days will be at the SIN Casket for the wake.

Thu: Happy Hearts Day on this 2019 10thCNYday. The origins of Valentine’s Day is a pagan festival, Rome’s Lupercalia, not as romantic as you would imagine! But love is blind and lust is innate! And there is a Anapgi=LoveCastle (for real) located in Gyeongju/S-Korea.

Lawrence arr from KCH to attend the wake&funeral and will be staying with me.


Fri: TGIF and Happy 40Bday to god-daughter Guri in Norway. Another day@SIN-Casket to support Les&Ivy+family for the loss of Ivy’s mom. More a celebration of life for her as she was blessed with a wonderful life surrounded and well-taken care by her love ones. In spite of circumstances, nice to catch up with Ivy’s cousin Irene&family from KL

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