CNY 2019

10 Feb 2019 – Continuing The Celebrations

Fri: TGIF and a great weekend to all to start the Piggy-Year. Tkx Gel for her yummy home-made Kimchi. Her vOOkvision is one of the most flexible glasses which will stay securely on, tkx to the clever hooked-shape design frame. Most highly recommended for anyone needing glasses. To sign up for email alert on their launch of pre-orders or for any info&questions:

Sat: @CC to wish Calvin&staff a Happy CNY. They will be moving locations in Jun, so enjoying what is going on in that area today – honey tasting@SAM at 8Q.

Beyond any doubt for me, the King of 鱼生 YuiSang=raw fish. Tkx to Ivy&Les for including me to Jessie&Franks’s 28ingredients 捞起 LoHei. Missed it the last 2yrs! Again, starved all day to taste this dish so that the flavour can linger till the next tasting, whenever that may be!

Sun: needed today to rest for both the body&soul after over indulging with last night’s foods&wines. Somehow feeling rather nostalgic, tkx to these Then&Now postings by JeromeLim – The Long&Winding Road, one of the blogs I like following.

Where those row houses&the coconut tree (now BayHotel&TelokBlangahHouse) are in the B/W – the ice-cream man on bicycle used to ring his bell when he was by the palm trees in the early evenings.

Sharing these shots again taken from 5TemenggongRd (early 1950s, presuming that it is taken by my father?) towards then Wharf#8&Pulau Blakang Mati now VivoCity&Sentose (2014 taken by me).

Tkx Julie/NC,USA for sharing her lovely 2019 CNY family pix. Reminded be of the last 2006 CNY with L&M. Have not been together with my 2daughters for CNY since with just 2grandchildren then. Would be another dream come true if we could all get together with 6grandchildren for a CNY someday!

Thought that MarineParade Lunar New Year Charity Dinner 2019 was last night and that I would have a quiet evening tonight, but alas I was mistaken. What a huge turned out – I spied Yusof@GoH-Table looking very distinguished with his halo 🙂 Tkx to him for the explanation – last evening was for residents. This evening were comcare, the lesser fortunate, those from elderly homes within the GRC. Thus the 2 evenings.

Cousin Karen thought she spotted me in the group, and after enlarging the pix to give it a proper look, discovered what she saw and no – not me, was not at this dinner (stomach needs to rest) Wow! she has sharp eyes.

GoH-ESM GOH ChokTong – how convenient to be entertained by just leaving the door&windows open. And on the positive note, this common area downstairs was cleaned and quiet way before 2200hrs. Time for some zzz before another busy week ahead.

I’m a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds – Mike Tyson