iLight 2019

21 Feb 2019 – With 33 Installations

Tue: today, 15CNYday known as ChapGohMei is also Chinese♥Day and the start of Spring.  Appreciations to Ivy&Les for scrumptious dinner ending this 2019CNY celebrations. Amazing how misleading the size of this lobster claw is, the meat was only a bite!

Short walk to say goodnight to all in the presence of this beautiful super-full moon. Safe journeys to Kat who will be joining her USfamily for couple of days in FL to Disney before returning to NYC.

Wed: welcome back to SIN Lynne from UK – tkx for finding time for a cuppa before a FOC appointment to test my hearing, tkx to The HearingSolution. Anyone after age 50 should go and get the ears checked and yes with age (be realistic), it is inevitable that the sensory parts also age.  With a small washing machine, the laundry will have to spread them over a few days after overnight guest.

Wed&Thu: a nap before checking out iLights being the last weekend. With 33-installations+BicentennialCelebrations will need to space into 2nights. 33. CrysatllisationOfThoughts/LivingSpirits (Thailand)

What a better place to start than@Raffles Terrace/FortCanning – this body&soul is not as it was to climb nearly 100steps up from HighSt, had to stop a couple of times to catch my breath!! 32.ReflectingHolons/MartensM&VisserJ (Netherlands); 31.KeysOfLight/MrBeam (Netherlands) – this was neat, as I played the piano and the lighthouse lid up with different lights&designs, but unfortunately I could not take the pix and play at the same time! 30.LandPassBird/HuangCF (Taiwan).

28.RunBeyond/BonelloA (Italy); 29.ConstructiveInterference/SIN-U-Tech&Design (SIN).

Was trying to figure out 27.GoodFortune; 26.WhatAView/SIN-Design (SIN); bright lights bright logo!

25.BridgesOfTime/ACTLD (Belgium) – these lights&water show every hour and my pix do not do justification to the real presentations.

24.Where Do Stories Begin/Where Do Stories End/LeeM&Perception (SIN). 22.Time Rhythm/Bové&Onionlab (Spain). My pix here does not tell the same tale even though it is the same story! as Athene’s (a professional skilled photographer). Appreciations to her for allowing me to share.


23.Cenotaph For A Stone/Cadag, Loo, ZBMZ NUS (SIN); 21.Halo/DavisM (UK); 20-Time Frame /DONIS (Netherlands);

19. Oriflammes/LefevreS (France);

18.The CatInTheGarden/LoomProd (France), the Merlion is transformed to showcase scenes and nature of SIN, like the Tiger to suit my AT-name TigerLil – hahaha

Goodnight Moon
Goodnight SIN-Flyer
Goodnight Esplanade Concert Hall
Goodnight Merlion spitting at the Moon
Goodnight Everyone

Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars ― JRR Tolkien/The Lord of the Rings

17.FlowerClock (China); 16.TimeTraveller/PrawotoE (Indonesia); 15.Dune/RoosegaardeD (Netherlands); 14.LesFootballeurs/BrunR (France) and this is the only one I could not get a proper shot of the blue lights with a footballer kicking the ball and a goalie – moving too fast for this idiot-proof camera!

12.Squiggle/MuirA (NZ); 13.City GazingSIN/VOUW (Netherlands)

11.Cosmic Web/LaSalle (SIN); 10.Shades Of Temporality/Sweatshoppe (USA); 9.Sails Aloft/ Biangle Studios (Estonia);

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails’ – WA Ward

8.Shadow Exposed/Suh-VisualFeeder (USA); 7.The Floating Lighhouse/Prvacki, Zaini, Casteeld (SIN); 6.Prospegtive Prespective/Kng,Low,Teng NUS (SIN); 5.Facey Thing/UjiStudios (NZ);

4.Why Green/AP-Architects&Lighting (SIN); 3.The Rainbow Connection/Yun (SIN); 2.Lighthouse Of Time/RoseD (France); 1.The Time Vortex/Vendal&deWolf (Netherlands).

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