Marine Parade Road & Haw Par Villa

11 Aug 2015 – A Trip Down Memory Lane

Land from the sea for the new Marine Parade – the drain marks the old coastline (NAS) from The Long and Winding Road

ECP - Copy (2)

Thanks to Richard Goh for this aerial view showing what East Coast SIN is now (can even spot the block where I am) – with the reclaimed land from the sea to the marked green neon-line. The dotes on the sea are cargo ships of all sizes waiting to unload their containers on shore


The SIN I grew up with was when the sea front was at the neon green line! Pix of my siblings and I at Katong Park (1950s) with Seaview Hotel in the background!


Fri: a wet and cool Fri and free bus and MRT rides on Fridays until 31Dec for those who have registered their PassionCard/EZlink Reload. Using this free ride today revisiting Haw Par Villa with its 1,000+statues!




Used to frequent this location with visitors in the 1950s and early 60s, one of the few attractions that is still existing. Now the MRT stops there and believe it or not, there is a Statue of Liberty – for real 🙂



Many will remember The Ten Courts of Hell with statues describing in details the torture and punishment for each sin one commits in a lifetime. This used to be set inside a 60-metre long trail of a Chinese dragon but the dragon has been demolished, so the attraction is now covered by grey stone walls and comes with a warning sign – due to the graphic nature of the exhibits, visitors’ discretion/parental guidance is advised.



Sat: nice to catch up with sis-in-law, nieces, nephews, grandnephews this long weekend. Tkx for Japanese dinner at Irodori***Riverview Hotel


An evening stroll down Collyer, Clark and Boat Quay watching merry makers by the SIN River on the eve of SIN 50 Birthday.


Convinced Clement to watch the lights at Fullerton Hotel before taking the last bus just pass midnight hoping that it would have been free! But it was considered still considered the last bus for 8Aug even-though technically it was 9Aug – well no harm asking&trying. And this is the crowd for just watching the Fullerton lights, can imagine the crowd for tomorrow’s NDP.


Sun: Happy 50 Birthday SIN. Was at the 2014NPD (the only NDP attended) to pay my respects to LKY then. Having a real phobia to crowds and the thought of not seeing LKY resulted in watching the whole parade online. Congratulations and thank you for a job well-done to all those involved. Tkx Henry for lovely flowers and lunch company.


Mon: one more day of holiday for the people with jobs. Tkx for lunch company Clement in my new place-mats setting! Must have been tired as I napped for 4+hrs today!

With the SG50 celebrations behind, onwards to tomorrow with thoughts of the 6 grandchildren and whatever will be will be…


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