28 Sep 2015 – Trondheim & Nerskogen


Thu: visiting Anne&Roar by train from OSL, heading N and changing train in Hamar via Røros (the scenic route) to Trondheim. Dep OSL at 1034 Arr 1802hrs. Round trip tickets costing NOK448 S$75 and these are at promotional rates.


Pleasant train journey with nearly 20+stops but only enough time to pick up and let more passengers

350px-Norway_Counties_Sør-Trøndelag_Position.svg440px-Sør-Trøndelag_county_mapTrøndelag is a geographical region in the central part of Norway, consisting of the two counties Nord-Trøndelag and Sør-Trøndelag. The region is, together with Møre og Romsdal, part of a larger administrative division called Central Norway.

Slightly over 200,000 of the county’s population (or around 55%) lives in Trondheim and its suburbs. Sør-Trøndelag consists of 25 municipalities and has a total area of 18,848 km². Trondheim is the largest city and the county’s administrative center.


Got off the train at the station just before Trondheim, near to where A&R live at Heimdal. The clouds were amazing on the drive to their house – looked like a UFO in my eyes but then my eyes are getting older too 🙂


Fri: view from their living room never fail to disappoint me.


Food shopping at Coop Obs Hypermarked (like a Super Walmart) for 13people – 3dinners, 2breakfsat and lunches.


Headed to Nerskogen app 1+hr drive from Trondheim where A&R have this lovely cabin built in 2007, 680m above sea-level at Varghaugkyølen – a sub-division with 40cabins along Granasjøen. Was last here 5yrs ago after Guri&Hans Olav’s wedding.


Sat: woke up to this delicate layer of new snow the mountains top which faded as the sun appeared.


The guys were busy chopping down trees for wood to burn in the winter. A win win situation for everyone here as a neighbour wanted the trees to be thinned out for the view and A&R needed wood for the winter.

Took a couple of hours walk at the area below the cabin to explore.


Nice to meet up with my god-daughter Guri with her 3kids – Peder, Elina & Even. Ola, Kristin, Sondra, Elisa & Jacob were also there. The only way 6kids ages 1-6yrs would pose for me is when they get their Sat goodies 🙂 🙂



Took a couple hours to hike savouring every detail around the area below the cabin. Some driftwood are amazing. The beauty of nature has no recognition of death…


The red sticks are for marking the road so that the snow-sloughs know where to clear the snow when it is their time.


Sun: some hours of hiking on Minnill Trail around the area above the cabin. The weather was perfect and could have walked on for days along this bubbling Minnill River.



Fabulous well-marked terrain, wild blueberries, gentle waterfalls, autumn colours…


Crossing the river on this wooden hanging bridge built in 2013 – Norhengbrua leading to the Trollheimen (home of the trolls) Mountain Range. Had to turn back for dinner as the stones will turn to trolls in the dark…


The guys and the 2 older kids did a good job with the wood and will be returning next week to finish piling them.


Early dinner to celebrate Ola’s 39Bday (still remember changing his diapers!!). Cleaned out the cabin and back to Trondheim by 2100hrs. Appreciations to A&R for a wonderful weekend. Thank you for including me with the family.


Mon: dark and early to catch the train back to OSL. Autumn colours in the sun. Røros, a charming UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the stops. Updated pix in the blog and enjoying the views seemed to make the ride a shorter return journey!

Can’t wait to see Olai again…

Sandra’s seen a leprechaun,
Eddie touched a troll,
Laurie danced with witches once,
Charlie found some goblins gold.
Donald heard a mermaid sing,
Susy spied an elf,
But all the magic I have known
I’ve had to make myself – Shel Silverstein

Fårikål – Norway’s National Dish

24 Sep 2015 – Mutton In Cabbage

Mon: after seeing Olai to daycare, it was time for laundry and the day just flew by.



Tue: at Norway Designs, one of my favourite Norwegian designer  houses.


Appreciations to Clarie for a wonderful afternoon and a common meeting place here in OSL, the fountain by Nationaltheatret. We got together since last year when she is here for meetings and conferences. My wonderful student and baby-sitter from Tromsø days in the 1970s, now a mother of 2 teenagers and a professor in fishery at the world’s northernmost university – UiT.


Kunstnernes Hus – Tesserakt by Tine Aamodt autumn 2015 winner. Like Noen fine dager=some fine days made completely of pine by Erlend Leirdal.



Amazing staircase with 100% marble railing. Not sure what those candy-stripe men were doing??


Tanum’s readings and book signing from Erlend Loe and Arne Hjeltnes new publications. Wish I had more space in my bookshelf 🙂


Fårikål=mutton in cabbage and such a generous portion in one of the oldest building, Stortorvets Gjæstgiveri***from the 1700s.


Time to go separate paths at the train station, she to catch her train to the airport for her flight back to Tromsø. And me for the metro to Majorstuen. Until then safe travels to us all…


Wed: on the way back after delivering Olai to the daycare, decided to walk thru’ Frognerparken and the first for this trip. Going to be another happening weekend as I am preparing to take a 7hrs train ride to visit Anne&Roar in Trondheim. Return train tickets NOK448 S$78.

When people rely on surface appearances and false racial stereotypes, rather than in-depth knowledge of others at the level of the heart, mind and spirit, their ability to assess and understand people accurately is compromised ― James A. Forbes


22 Sep 2015 – What A Happening Weekend!

Thu: more rains. A wet trip to Nationaltheatret ticket station to collect the train tickets for Tønsberg and Trondheim. Also decided to pick up grocery for today and tomorrow’s dinner, not thinking that I have to carry all that back to the walk-up flat!

IMG_4577IMG_4578Fri: planning day at day-care, had Olai with me for the morning. May had the day off to do errands. We drove to the architectural school to buy 3copies (NOK250 S$43 percopy) Modernism and National Romanticism In The Work Of Architect Magnus Poulsson (L&M paternal great-grandfather) by MarkR Mansfield.


Sandvika Storsenter did not exist when I was living in the area – opened in 1993. Olai enjoyed the rides and he was lucky to get some free rides, thanks to the maintenance guy!


Lunched at Bølgen & Moi***Had the chicken salad with a tasty balsamic vinegar dressing and the portion was more than the stomach could handle.


Like this Danish design place – Bolia


Sat: OSL at its best, early morning with clear blue sky and hardly anyone in front of Frognerparken’s front gate waiting for the free bus to Sandvika Storsenter


0910hrs and arrived 0945hrs with hardly any traffic on the roads. Decide to take a walk to  Nesøya (where I lived from 1974-76) in glorious weather, a walk that would normally take app 45mins if no stopping.


Sandvika-Slependen, app 20mins. This white house used to be a truck-stop where Jenny and family had their cafe before I moved away from Norway in 1985.


Slependen-Nesøya Bridge taking the underpass and by-passing IKEA with Kolsås toppen in the background, another area where I lived from 1982-85.


Finally a flip side with humour 🙂 This road sign is found on Nesøya Sundveien that says ‘Play with care – adults driving’. A stretch of 2mins walk on Øverbergveien, there are 3 signs that say ‘Drive with care – children playing’. With 6 grandchildren, I can understand 1sign, but 3 within 2mins!!!


On the RHside of this road, used to be just woods. Thank goodness the big pine tree and the house still stand. A lovely light lunch with Ellen who will be 91 next month – still as sharp as ever but a little hard on the hearing.

A good night sleep out on the balcony with the clear starry sky.


Sun: up bright and early to make some food for May, Bjørn and his father before catching the 1+hr train to Tønsberg. Return train tickets NOK232-S$40.



The viking ship Oseberg was excavated here in 1904. The ship’s interment into its burial mound dates from 834 AD. Today, a beautiful working copy of this ship can be found here.

Oseberg is widely celebrated and has been called one of the finest finds to have survived the Viking Age. The ship and some of its contents are displayed at the Viking Ship Museum at Bygdøy in OSL…


Appreciations to Stein and Ida for a lovely Sunday and a delicious moose steak dinner.

Random pix from Tønsberg




Go you must.
No guest shall stay
in one place for ever.
Love will be lost
if you sit too long
at a friend’s fire – The Havamal or Book of Viking Wisdom

Tram Route 12

17 Sep 2015 – From Solli to Majorstuen

12039717_1069244763099361_8263262171849012119_nMon & Tue: it has been raining since yesterday and the forecast predicts more rain for the rest of the week. But Mother Nature does not always go by forecast!

Better rain than haze and nice for snoozing. Have been informed that the haze is bad in SIN.

IMG_4742Wed: surprising no rain in the morning. Took Olai for a hot chocolate and cookies at Starbucks. We did not have time to sit for him to finish his hot chocolate there but he got to finish it just before reaching to this daycare. After delivering him, decided to follow the tram route for a walk.

Pleasant temperatures, cloudy and cool. Fun to have the time lingering to see what is around from stops to stops.



Solli stop on Drammensveien where there is an unusual vertical cactus garden and also the stop to the US Embassy...

Estimated about 20mins fast walk from Solli to Majorstuen if no stopping. With stopping, pix taking and grocery shopping 2hrs.



Niels Juelsgt on Frognerveien – with the sculpture of ‘The Passenger’ of the famous actress and singer, the late ‘Kari Diesen’. Some people commented that she looks like a bitter old maid and over the years she has forgotten why she is sitting there…


 Lille Frogner allé on Frognerveien


Elisenberg on Frognerveien


Frogner plass on Frognerveien.


Vigelandspaken on Kirkeveien where the falling leaf is a sign that autumn is in the air.



Frogner stadion and Majorstuen stops are located on Kirkeveien.


Between Frogner stadion and Majorstuen stops, side-track along Majorstuen Elementary School, the fountain and the Colosseum to do some grocery.

Made beef fillet Mignon for dinner and Olai finished his portion before us!

If someday, in a morning, you see you, in a mirror or the dent of a spoon, and wonder Where is my soul and Where has it gone, remember this: Catch the gaze of a woman on the metro, subway, tram. Look at a man. Seek and you will find you in the silvered space, a flash between souls – Naomi Shihab Nye

Bi-Annual Sales

14 Sep 2015 – Autumn Sales

Sat: This morning 0830hrs, the fashionable Bogstadvei became a pedestrian-road for the bi-annual sales.


Even I could not resist shopping, especially at ‘Moods of Norway’.


Their bags are one of a kind, plain white with a golden logo on the outside and a beautiful Norwegian scenery on the inside.

IMG_4730IMG_4731This pair of black rubber boots NOK400/S$70 has elastic on both sides to make it easier to get on.

T-shirt is made of soft and light 100% cotton which feels very comfortable against the skin and probably needs to be hand-washed –  NOK200/S$34 and those are 50% off the original price tags!


Baker Hansen was full-force out with 3 branches on this road and is my favourtie bakery here.


A pair of cotton tights from Marinmekko NOK141/S$25, a pair of pants from Peak Performance NOK600/S$104, toys from Sprell NOK158/S$28, honey NOK150/S$26 and an umbrella NOK50/S$8, snacks and balloon NOK70/S$12.


After 3hrs, the road was packed and it was time to head back to the flat which was conveniently around the corner.


Why is it that these cute interesting cars are usually found in Europe???

Usually am not a shopper but I needed these items which were at least 50% discounted. About NOK1,800/S$312 poorer but contented and satisfied with all the purchases.


Sun: woke up to a pleasant surprise! Appreciations to HO Ai Li/SPH in SIN for a write-up in today’s Sunday Times. I thought she was using it for a future article. This is the 2nd time within 2014-15 that I have been seen on the Sunday Times – the press must like me… lol 🙂


Strangely enough, I accompanied Olai this morning to Risenga Svømmehall in Asker and was glad to see him enjoying and feeling safe in the water.


But no mee siam there 🙂 🙂

DikaAuthorPhoto-200x200And here is another niece to be proud of – way to go Dika.

Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it ― Lou Holtz

Det kongelige slott/The Royal Palace

11 Sep 2015 – Happy Bdays to bro Steven and May Yung-Lam

Thu: Det kongelige slott/ The Royal Palace in Oslo was built in the first half of the 19th century as the Norwegian residence of the French King Charles III of Sweden, who reigned as king of Norway and Sweden. The palace is the official residence of the present Norwegian monarch.

During the reign and residence of King Olav V from 1957 to 1991, there was no money for renovation, something the poor build quality of the original structure direly needed. After Norway mutated from Scandinavia’s poor house to its most wealthy member, the current monarch, King Harald V, could start a comprehensive renovation project.


He was criticized because of the amount of money needed to bring the Palace up to a satisfactory state even if much of this went to rectify construction deficits from a century and a half ago. Since public tours began in 2002, the general public has been able to view and appreciate the renovation and splendour that the palace now boasts.,_Oslo


The palace itself is not what I find so interesting, but that there are no fences and hardly any security in the palace grounds and park is what gets my attention. This really does confirm that PEACE can be not only visited but truly found in this kingdom of trolls and vikings 🙂


The front of the palace commands a full view of Karl Johans gata, the main street in OSL. Even on a beautiful day like today, these were the few people I saw and looks like one of them was having a good nap 🙂 🙂


The park around is delightful to be in. Lush greenery and beautiful tall trees giving pleasant shade on a sunny day.


At the edge of the park by the road are some nice flowers…


Fri: 11 Sep 2001 – the destruction and tragic terrorist attacks will never be forgotten. Cannot figure why SIN chose this day to be their General Election Day?


Fri: edited –

At least 107 people died and more than 230 people were injured when a crane collapsed in the Muslim holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia


It is also the last day of the Hungry Ghost Festival and LKY did say that –  ‘Even from my sick bed, even if you are going to lower me to the grave and I feel that something is going wrong, I will get up.’ But he was cremated and being practical as he was, will not be wasting space taking up a grave…


‘C’est sera sera’ – whatever will be will be. TGIF and a wonderful weekend to all.

OSLO 2015

10 Sep 2105 – Annual Visit

Mon: a safe Labor Day to family and friends in the US. Tkx Kari for meeting at Majorstuen, where the Holomenkollen SkiJump stands clearly and proudly in the background. Cheers for our annual meeting.



Pleasant weather and stroll along the fashionable Bogstadvei with the most colourful 7-11 and an unusual car.


Lorry dates back from 1870s is one of the older restaurants is especially known for the many artists who have visited the place and an assortment of more than a hundred beers.


Slottsparken/The Palace Park is a public park in the center of Oslo surrounding the Royal Palace. It is 22 hectares/54 acres.


Tue: stayed home with Olai who has a runny nose. Dinner at Tåsen with Ingrid&HansK. Tåsen is a neighborhood of Oslo, about four 4km/2.5mi north of the city centre. The name origins from the norse name Tásvin.


Wed: heaven is certainly a place on earth. Some quiet playtime and then a yummy cookie with hot chocolate at Starbucks with Olai before sending him off to daycare. He is such good company and I am enjoying every second of it.



What a glorious and beautiful day for a walk about town around tasteful Scandinavian designs.


A new OSLO sign made of wood by the National Theater.The fountain on Karl Johan Gt seems to be spraying higher than when I was first here in 1967.


Only in Norway can PEACE can be visited 🙂 After 4hrs walk in the fresh clean air had to take a nap before dinner. Just read from FB friends that in SIN the PSI readings are: 163 in the East and 169 in the North, sure glad that I am not there…

A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Birthdays Sep2015

7 Sep 2015 – A Weekend of Birthdays Celebrations

Fri: May is 37 today and how is it possible when it seems like yesterday that she was born. Happy Bday to my beautiful second-born. Took Olai to his day care thinking he would be quite excited as they will be celebrating his Bday there today since the daycare will be closed for the weekend.


On the door there was a sign wishing him a Happy Bday and the flag was out. Alas he was quite unhappy telling everyone clearly that it was NOT his Bday today but it was his mother’s Bday. This sweet child definitely has a thoughtful disposition and how I just wanted to give him the biggest hug…


Moved on to do some grocery and flower shopping. All’s well that ends well. May picked him up at daycare and they decided to celebrate his day on Mon which will make a wonderful long weekend of celebrations for my youngest grandchild.


Sat: happy 4Bday to my youngest grandchild who is now bi-lingual and really wonderful to hear him speaking Norwegian to his father and then turning around to speak English to May.



Olai who now has a very slight resemblance to his father, Bjørn – before his 4th bday I could only see May in him…


Sun: M&B are very brave to have 12 daycare kids over for a 2hrs bday celebrations. Even I stayed away from the backyard and took pix from the balcony!


Blessed with beautiful weather – a good time was had by all on the trampoline, soap-bubbles, chalk-drawing, football. They left happy with stomachs full of hotdogs, marshmallows, cakes, etc. Olai is full of energy and excitement to start his 4th year in his life journey.

And yes, my life revolves around Olai when I am here 🙂 🙂 🙂

We have a good life when we manage to live with both satisfied and unsatisfied needs, when we are not obsessed by what is beyond our reach – Kjell Magne Bondevik

Hello Oslo

4 Sep 2015 – Happy Birthday May & Vince


Tue: SIN Changi Airport quite amazing with these fun displays, here with my wings ready to fly! Nearly nine metres tall, The Social Tree is an interactive installation. Share and store your photo and video memories of Changi on this avant-garde memory capsule and be part of our history for decades to come…


Wed: uneventful full flight on FinnAir from SIN to HEL 11+hrs arriving in time to discover that there will be nearly 6hrs layover time and realizing that I forgot my adapter in SIN 🙁 Indeed appropriate to be in HEL after SIN 🙂 but only for a change of plane! At first I thought they gave me only 45mins to get on to the plane to OSL and was short of breath being the last one at the gate to board the 0730hrs flight to OSL. Was then told that I was on the 1215hrs flight – being tired and jetlag, the mind can sometimes shut down!



Too short time to go into town. Laptop is low on power here – window shopping is fun eventhough there is not an adapter to be found but got to know this airport very well 🙂



Have always been a fan of Finnish designs and designers.


Found this section of designer chairs which you can sit on. How clever to have the Book Swap here too. You can leave books that you have finished reading and to not want to carry on to the next flight, or you can take a book here to read on your next flight.


Fantastic idea to have at a transit lounge. One was supposed to pay hourly but seems like that did not work out so was able to snooze laying comfortably flat for a few mins


Arrived on schedule in OSL with a grey sky and a wet afternoon. 20mins on the Airport Express train into the city. No worries with the weather when I am together with May & Olai.


Thu: spent some time with Olai before sending him off to daycare. i am in 7th Heaven and please do not wake me!


MUTCD_D12-4_svgThe next important to do on the list is to make sure that there is money in my DnB account. There is an unusual structure outside the bank and strange that there is no roof for it. Wonder if it will still be there when I leave? SimCard and a new number for the mobile – not sure what to make of a number that starts with 911 which is an emergency number to call in the US…


Checking out the area to see what is new! Mad Fork according to May has received not so good reviews but might try it if and when time permits. Nice autumn footwear but not within my budget.

Good to catch up with Ingrid but not good to learn of her circumstances and situation, especially with HansK’s health. Speedy recovery to him and stay strong Ingrid. Glad to see Ellen sr now 90+ with her memory intact inspite of her hard in hearing.


Thank you EllenSr for the loan of this book about her father – the renown architect Magnus Poulsson by Mark Robert Mansfield.

By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather And autumn’s best of cheer – Helen Hunt Jackson

Bye Bye Summer 2015

1 Sep 2015 – Hello September 

Wed: on my feet all day and just crashed when I got to bed.

Thu: appointment at MtE to test that I can be on the GO again 🙂

11885297_10153495543859223_9222419442722978005_nFri: another all day on the feet at Novena, and like any job there are nice customers and I-Rated ones! Back to CC to bartender for the Night Festival.

The last time I bartender was in the late 1960s with a summer job at Skinnerbu Hotel in Norway where some Swedish guests then were discussing over the bar-counter if I was 15 but then they managed to figure that I could not be, otherwise I would not be able to serve drinks.

MV5BOTgxMDQwMDk0OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjU5OTg2NDE@__V1_SX214_AL_Sat: appreciations to DaisyL for the free viewing to Inside Out****After young Riley is uprooted from her Midwest life and moved to San Francisco, her emotions – Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness – conflict on how best to navigate a new city, house, and school.

Was good to be able to relax in the company of nieces, nephews and their families. Back to work for a few hours.


11 Auntie Diana’s 90Bday at TungLok Orchard Parade****Pix with the LAMs from left to right: Justin, Amy, 16auntie, 17uncle, 11auntie, Ken, Ivy and Cynthia.



Appreciations to cousins Ken and Cynthia for a delicious dinner and wines. Thanks to Ivy and Justin for rides to and from the hotel. Glad to be able to catch up with some of the family.


Sun: the end of a week-long successful sale.


1505098_697139520397614_3830143251036139966_nBeautiful full moon tonight is such a welcoming sight – will surely sleep well after being on the feet all day. A good night to all and looking forward to the next adventure…

Mon: Happy Merdeka Day to all those celebrating Malaysia Day. Stay safe. Tkx to Mil&Gel for lunch; appreciations for the visit Alan. Cleansing and packing seem to be an ongoing process in this life journey, but then that is life-style I have chosen.

Visited bro Steven in SGH and tkx to Clement for dinner



Tue: heading from SIN-HEL 🙂 tonight – the journeys of life but considering who is waiting in OSL makes the journey all worth the while. Looking forward to have youngest grandchild in my arms again and he will turn 4. How time has gone by!

4 Sep – Happy Bdays MayH & Vince

5 Sep – Happy 4th Bday Olai

11 Sep – Happy Bdays Steven & MayY

15 Sep – Happy Bday Ting Ting

16 Sep – HappyBdays Ivy & Edith

20 Sep – Happy Bday AmyR

21 Sep – Happy Bday Greg

23 Sep – Happy Bdays Joyce & Klaus

24 Sep – Happy Bday Yun

25 Sep – HappyBday Kat

30 Sep Happy Bday MabelDaisyL