Bi-Annual Sales

14 Sep 2015 – Autumn Sales

Sat: This morning 0830hrs, the fashionable Bogstadvei became a pedestrian-road for the bi-annual sales.


Even I could not resist shopping, especially at ‘Moods of Norway’.


Their bags are one of a kind, plain white with a golden logo on the outside and a beautiful Norwegian scenery on the inside.

IMG_4730IMG_4731This pair of black rubber boots NOK400/S$70 has elastic on both sides to make it easier to get on.

T-shirt is made of soft and light 100% cotton which feels very comfortable against the skin and probably needs to be hand-washed –  NOK200/S$34 and those are 50% off the original price tags!


Baker Hansen was full-force out with 3 branches on this road and is my favourtie bakery here.


A pair of cotton tights from Marinmekko NOK141/S$25, a pair of pants from Peak Performance NOK600/S$104, toys from Sprell NOK158/S$28, honey NOK150/S$26 and an umbrella NOK50/S$8, snacks and balloon NOK70/S$12.


After 3hrs, the road was packed and it was time to head back to the flat which was conveniently around the corner.


Why is it that these cute interesting cars are usually found in Europe???

Usually am not a shopper but I needed these items which were at least 50% discounted. About NOK1,800/S$312 poorer but contented and satisfied with all the purchases.


Sun: woke up to a pleasant surprise! Appreciations to HO Ai Li/SPH in SIN for a write-up in today’s Sunday Times. I thought she was using it for a future article. This is the 2nd time within 2014-15 that I have been seen on the Sunday Times – the press must like me… lol 🙂


Strangely enough, I accompanied Olai this morning to Risenga Svømmehall in Asker and was glad to see him enjoying and feeling safe in the water.


But no mee siam there 🙂 🙂

DikaAuthorPhoto-200x200And here is another niece to be proud of – way to go Dika.

Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it ― Lou Holtz

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