Tram Route 12

17 Sep 2015 – From Solli to Majorstuen

12039717_1069244763099361_8263262171849012119_nMon & Tue: it has been raining since yesterday and the forecast predicts more rain for the rest of the week. But Mother Nature does not always go by forecast!

Better rain than haze and nice for snoozing. Have been informed that the haze is bad in SIN.

IMG_4742Wed: surprising no rain in the morning. Took Olai for a hot chocolate and cookies at Starbucks. We did not have time to sit for him to finish his hot chocolate there but he got to finish it just before reaching to this daycare. After delivering him, decided to follow the tram route for a walk.

Pleasant temperatures, cloudy and cool. Fun to have the time lingering to see what is around from stops to stops.



Solli stop on Drammensveien where there is an unusual vertical cactus garden and also the stop to the US Embassy...

Estimated about 20mins fast walk from Solli to Majorstuen if no stopping. With stopping, pix taking and grocery shopping 2hrs.



Niels Juelsgt on Frognerveien – with the sculpture of ‘The Passenger’ of the famous actress and singer, the late ‘Kari Diesen’. Some people commented that she looks like a bitter old maid and over the years she has forgotten why she is sitting there…


 Lille Frogner allé on Frognerveien


Elisenberg on Frognerveien


Frogner plass on Frognerveien.


Vigelandspaken on Kirkeveien where the falling leaf is a sign that autumn is in the air.



Frogner stadion and Majorstuen stops are located on Kirkeveien.


Between Frogner stadion and Majorstuen stops, side-track along Majorstuen Elementary School, the fountain and the Colosseum to do some grocery.

Made beef fillet Mignon for dinner and Olai finished his portion before us!

If someday, in a morning, you see you, in a mirror or the dent of a spoon, and wonder Where is my soul and Where has it gone, remember this: Catch the gaze of a woman on the metro, subway, tram. Look at a man. Seek and you will find you in the silvered space, a flash between souls – Naomi Shihab Nye

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