22 Sep 2015 – What A Happening Weekend!

Thu: more rains. A wet trip to Nationaltheatret ticket station to collect the train tickets for Tønsberg and Trondheim. Also decided to pick up grocery for today and tomorrow’s dinner, not thinking that I have to carry all that back to the walk-up flat!

IMG_4577IMG_4578Fri: planning day at day-care, had Olai with me for the morning. May had the day off to do errands. We drove to the architectural school to buy 3copies (NOK250 S$43 percopy) Modernism and National Romanticism In The Work Of Architect Magnus Poulsson (L&M paternal great-grandfather) by MarkR Mansfield.


Sandvika Storsenter did not exist when I was living in the area – opened in 1993. Olai enjoyed the rides and he was lucky to get some free rides, thanks to the maintenance guy!


Lunched at Bølgen & Moi***Had the chicken salad with a tasty balsamic vinegar dressing and the portion was more than the stomach could handle.


Like this Danish design place – Bolia


Sat: OSL at its best, early morning with clear blue sky and hardly anyone in front of Frognerparken’s front gate waiting for the free bus to Sandvika Storsenter


0910hrs and arrived 0945hrs with hardly any traffic on the roads. Decide to take a walk to  Nesøya (where I lived from 1974-76) in glorious weather, a walk that would normally take app 45mins if no stopping.


Sandvika-Slependen, app 20mins. This white house used to be a truck-stop where Jenny and family had their cafe before I moved away from Norway in 1985.


Slependen-Nesøya Bridge taking the underpass and by-passing IKEA with Kolsås toppen in the background, another area where I lived from 1982-85.


Finally a flip side with humour 🙂 This road sign is found on Nesøya Sundveien that says ‘Play with care – adults driving’. A stretch of 2mins walk on Øverbergveien, there are 3 signs that say ‘Drive with care – children playing’. With 6 grandchildren, I can understand 1sign, but 3 within 2mins!!!


On the RHside of this road, used to be just woods. Thank goodness the big pine tree and the house still stand. A lovely light lunch with Ellen who will be 91 next month – still as sharp as ever but a little hard on the hearing.

A good night sleep out on the balcony with the clear starry sky.


Sun: up bright and early to make some food for May, Bjørn and his father before catching the 1+hr train to Tønsberg. Return train tickets NOK232-S$40.



The viking ship Oseberg was excavated here in 1904. The ship’s interment into its burial mound dates from 834 AD. Today, a beautiful working copy of this ship can be found here.

Oseberg is widely celebrated and has been called one of the finest finds to have survived the Viking Age. The ship and some of its contents are displayed at the Viking Ship Museum at Bygdøy in OSL…


Appreciations to Stein and Ida for a lovely Sunday and a delicious moose steak dinner.

Random pix from Tønsberg




Go you must.
No guest shall stay
in one place for ever.
Love will be lost
if you sit too long
at a friend’s fire – The Havamal or Book of Viking Wisdom

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  1. Hello James, another home away from home. Now you might understand why it is quite impossible to answer to a question like where is home???

    Used to answer with where my suitcase is until it got lost in one of the journeys.

    SIN, Ireland, Norway and USA are all home to me, having lived in those countries for many years and feel just as comfortable in any of them.

    Thanks for the comment.

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