Hello Oslo

4 Sep 2015 – Happy Birthday May & Vince


Tue: SIN Changi Airport quite amazing with these fun displays, here with my wings ready to fly! Nearly nine metres tall, The Social Tree is an interactive installation. Share and store your photo and video memories of Changi on this avant-garde memory capsule and be part of our history for decades to come…


Wed: uneventful full flight on FinnAir from SIN to HEL 11+hrs arriving in time to discover that there will be nearly 6hrs layover time and realizing that I forgot my adapter in SIN 🙁 Indeed appropriate to be in HEL after SIN 🙂 but only for a change of plane! At first I thought they gave me only 45mins to get on to the plane to OSL and was short of breath being the last one at the gate to board the 0730hrs flight to OSL. Was then told that I was on the 1215hrs flight – being tired and jetlag, the mind can sometimes shut down!



Too short time to go into town. Laptop is low on power here – window shopping is fun eventhough there is not an adapter to be found but got to know this airport very well 🙂



Have always been a fan of Finnish designs and designers.


Found this section of designer chairs which you can sit on. How clever to have the Book Swap here too. You can leave books that you have finished reading and to not want to carry on to the next flight, or you can take a book here to read on your next flight.


Fantastic idea to have at a transit lounge. One was supposed to pay hourly but seems like that did not work out so was able to snooze laying comfortably flat for a few mins


Arrived on schedule in OSL with a grey sky and a wet afternoon. 20mins on the Airport Express train into the city. No worries with the weather when I am together with May & Olai.


Thu: spent some time with Olai before sending him off to daycare. i am in 7th Heaven and please do not wake me!


MUTCD_D12-4_svgThe next important to do on the list is to make sure that there is money in my DnB account. There is an unusual structure outside the bank and strange that there is no roof for it. Wonder if it will still be there when I leave? SimCard and a new number for the mobile – not sure what to make of a number that starts with 911 which is an emergency number to call in the US…


Checking out the area to see what is new! Mad Fork according to May has received not so good reviews but might try it if and when time permits. Nice autumn footwear but not within my budget.

Good to catch up with Ingrid but not good to learn of her circumstances and situation, especially with HansK’s health. Speedy recovery to him and stay strong Ingrid. Glad to see Ellen sr now 90+ with her memory intact inspite of her hard in hearing.


Thank you EllenSr for the loan of this book about her father – the renown architect Magnus Poulsson by Mark Robert Mansfield.

By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather And autumn’s best of cheer – Helen Hunt Jackson