Good Friends, Foods & Laughs

10 April 2018 – Best Ways To Enjoy & Live Life

Sat: with Ed for a simple dinner, kangkong, tofu+mushroom, baby-octopus and barley-water@Babalicious/Marine Cove. If I knew about the 20%discount after 8.30p, would have had a later dinner!

Met Ed about 6months ago on a bus to discover that he is a brilliant photographer, writer and publisher and strangely enough the week (Aug 2017) before I met Ed on the bus, was also at The Arts House at The Old Parliament to view the photographs of Lee Fook Chee Son of Singapore, Photographer of Hong Kong where Ed, a HKG-Australian is the foundation founder and publisher.

We stayed in contact online the past 6months, but due to our busy life, only managed to finally catch up before I head on to EU&USA. Looking forward to his new book with SIN settings. Pix of Ed’s books downloaded.

Sun: exploring around Duo buildings to discover –

The Stork@Hotel Andaz 39floor. Panorama shot by Leo.

Indian dinner@ZumZum, has been a while since my last visit there…

Galavanting around with Leo is fun as he knows many exciting and interesting places! Never knew that there are E-cars here in SIN and maybe this car would not have got into an accident if the driver used one of the E-cars.

A close shot of Jama-ath Mosque with the SIN flag blowing just at the correct angle in the backgroundUnusual deco inside&0utside Hotel Vagabond.

DoubleDurian@HamiltonRd for the best durian smoothie tasted, am in durian heaven! Watched with my own eyes that it is made from pure durian – I will return. Hope that this new place will stay in business and keep serving fresh quality durian done in every possible ways.

Walking thru’ some back alleys reminded me of an incident about 20yrs ago when I first returned to work in SIN. Was meeting up with Leo&Co at the bowling ally@Katong. Early as usual and saw a sign for Massage and thinking what a wonderful idea to have one! Asked them if there was an available slot for me then…

Was then told Auntie, not for you… duh! those were  the days of ignorance and naivety and this pix by Leo is a reminder to not knock on the door 🙂

No more space for these beautiful desserts@Antoinette/PenhasRd. A rose is a rose is a rose, but these are just too beautiful to eat.  Was pleasantly surprised to see such a place in this area. Tkx Leo for a very enjoyable time.


Mon: bus196 to NichollHway/opp Concourse and walking across 2over-head bridges to get to Beach Rd. Nice clear views towards the city on these bridges.


And when in the area how can I resist my favourite PrawnMee, especially when there is no line.


Quite a novelty to see your own image on your coffee before consuming it!

SelfieCoffee/HajiLane is the new thing, did not realized that the image was on the cream, thought it was the cover of the cup! Destroyed the first cup by touching it – had to reorder another cup!! S$8.50.

Did not even know that there is a museum on the 3floor@Parkview. Do miss the angel flying around to get the wine on the ground-floor, now AtlasBar which specializes in gin.

Italian Contemporary Art where I found an angel – forgot to find out the title and painter.

Somehow this exhibition did not talk to me and did not take the time to note the titles or the painters. Appreciations to Pauline, Eva&Ruben for a fun day, good to catch up this SpringBreak. Am impressed with these kids who enjoyed themselves with the minimum use of any screens!

Tue: waiting for bro Lawrence to arr from KCH

There is a difference between listening and waiting for your turn to speak – Simon Sinek

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