Lawrence’s Visit

15 Apr 2018 – Lawrence, My Eldest Brother


Wed: RIP LokLok, the only dog I know of who had better table-manners than many humans, the best behaved-dog I liked being with (HKG pix fr 2011-15). Thoughts are with Johnny, master to LokLok.

Met with Lawrence@Les’s new clinic, FarrerPk MedicalSuites (red Apple) which is next to OneFarrer Hospital&Spa (Green Apple), both inked to the FarrerPark Hospital (Connexion). Situated amidst an interesting blend of modern commercial establishments, and traditional heritage sites like Little India, one of the locations I like taking overseas visitors to.

Tkx to Hong, Lawrence, Les&Ivy & I had a delicious lunch@LaCala/DuoGalleria. Catalan dishes chosen by the chef Eduard Castellarnau prepared and presented tastefully.

Champagne, white&red wines brought by Hong&Les complimented well the foods. Coffee and T in the comforts of Parkview’s AtlasBar. Dinner@Les&Ivy but only a few bites after such a lunch.

Thu: bright and early up to buy NasiLemak take away to Lawrence for breakfast. Somehow was running late with the bus stopping at every stop and getting caught at every red-light – one of those days! Paid respects to our parents@Mandai to discover constructions in addition with the crowds, was hoping that the crowds would have died down since ChingMing 清明節 was last week.

Ivy had to be@the HeartCentre for her physiotherapy and was unable to join us. Tkx for letting us have the car&driver, saved alot of time.

Lunch@TanglinClub and dinner with Hong, Lawrence, Jo&Michael, Sue@Les&Ivy who made her famous ox-tail. Yummy foods, good champagne&wines as always and tkx to Sue for the BlackForest, Cheese&Fruit cakes, all sinfully delicious and light enough to lift your spirit without any other help of the other spirits 🙂

Nice that HS (whose family we have known since the early 1950s) can us to catch up with my siblings. His parents were close to my parents.

Fri the 13th: saw Lawrence off@T4, he is quite amazing in this ways considering that he is 84 and thankfully he is blessed with good health. A plate of HokkienMee for breakfast@the airport after seeing him thru’ immigration. Time to organize and pick up groceries for Sun’s BBQ.

Sat: appreciations to Helen, Brian and Leonard for good company and yummy lunch. Such a treat to be with these fine younger friends in their 40s now from nearly 20yrs ago who were in their 20s when we first met!

Compliments to Chef Patrick who prepared some new tasty dishes at this french bistro Atout – formally AuPetitSalut, a more upscale fine dinning then. The sky opened up and poured buckets when I got on the bus.


Sun: BBQ@ECoastPk – appreciations to all who turned up for the BBQ this afternoon. Fun time with loads of yummy food and tkx to Campers’Corner for the BBQ food. Being the lazy person, ordered a SucklingPig, RoastDuck, RoastChicken and 1kgRoastPork from YanChuanRoaster and got them delivered all inclusive for S$156.


Fun time was had by all young and old in spite of the short passing showers which were rather pleasant for cooling down.


Been there for 6+hrs when the rains finally started for real, perfect time to pack away.


IMG_3842To those who were unable to be there, sorry to miss y’all and see you end of the year! Thank you Yoshie for my favourtie sake, made by her uncle from their hometown’s clear mountain spring water and rice from their own paddy-field.

Hannah managed to be in time to catch us heading to the car-park, appreciate the ride from Ron and good to have managed to have a short chat with her before she heads to Germany and will not be back in SIN until 2020.

There is no need for decorations at a BBQ party – being outdoor is decoration for me – Amy

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