20Apr 2018 – Marcus Aurelius

Mon: brought lunch to visit 4sis-in-law, PohKit with Ivy. PK fell again some weeks ago, now out of hospital and healing from surgery at home.

Tue: tkx Ed for meeting up for coffee and appreciations for the introduction to Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations. Checked it out and will get a copy even-though I have told myself that I will not buy any books but will borrow books from the library. There are some books that I like to have and this is another one of them. Some of the others are here + too many others on the book-shelve.

Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations – the diary of a Roman emperor (121-180 A.D.), who at the end of a very busy and troublous reign, just when worries were thickest, jotted down all the serious thoughts that came to him with regard to the meaning of life and the way it should be lived.

Wed: tkx to KK for laksa lunch@CrossingsCafe, hopefully eating for a good course! and something local before heading away from local foods for 6months. Popped in to say hi@CC and could not resist this Arcteryx bag to go with the different shades of blues for the upcoming trip! Blue, not in mood, more to fly along with the flow of the blue sky and to sail along with the blue sea! Just cannot get enough of Arcteryx gears, but far within my budget, so will keep eyeing them…

Thu: nice to catch up with Magnus, (now with facial-hair!) even just for a bite (his first WuXiang), and to say hi & bye@T4. Safe journeys and all the best to this fine young man’s new business & ventures in Indonesia, Norway & SIN.…/


Ashley, Grace, Jean-Baptiste, Magnus, Natasha, Ryan & Tom – tkx for fun 2012 memories. Glad to see and know that y’all have gone such long ways, in different directions n all over the world. Appreciations for your updates and for keeping in touch. Keep moving forward…

Tkx to niece DaisyLam for drinks&dinner@Bistro1855 and good to catch up with news from her branch of the family. Do enjoy the company of younger nieces&nephews and always appreciate&touched that they make time for me, especially when their schedules are so packed.

Someone have commented and asked why have I stopped rating my eating experiences with*****What DaisyL said over dinner explains that I too agree with her. The food is not the priority when in good company. If asked what the thoughts are of these locations, will not hesitate to recommend or not.

Fri: on the other hand, here is the evidence to show our love and obsession of food. According to Philip – our buildings are manifestations of our subconscious desires. 

imagesTGIF – time to get some thoughts together for packing and closing up the 4walls here in SIN for the next 6months.

Needed this movie Blockers to take a break – a funny entertaining comedy that works as a metaphor for the fears parents feel when their children finish school and leave home to start their adult lives.


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    • Am glad that I am able to put a smile on yours or anyone’s face. How are you doing? Will be heading towards the West again next week. Planning to meet my AT hiker friends in Damascus/VA on Trail Days around 18-20 May. Do come and join us if you are able to.

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